New Khadgar Scenario, Invasions & ‘Gl’

SPOILER ALERT: the post contains spoilers about the new scenario available since yesterday. Khadgar’s servant appears upon login near your characters and sends you on quest.

So, a new scenario.

This was completely unexpected, as usually we get all the new things on Wednesday mornings after maintenance hours, raid cooldowns reboot and all that. This happened on Tuesday evening. Well, why should I complain about it anyways?

The new piece takes you only 15 minutes, and it appeared to be very, very strange in many aspects.

The good thing is: Blizzard squeezed a HUGE amount of lore into this small amount of time. It’s a yellow brick road into many, many storylines we’ll be seeing in Legion.

Here’s what we saw and learnt within just 15 minutes:

  • Khadgar voted to let the Horde into Dalaran
  • 4/6 of the council said Yes
  • Jaina left in rage and will probably carry out some active anti-Horde plans on her own
  • Ulduar was restored and repaired by mechagnomes and earthen – a peaceful spot now
  • King Magni is back
  • He’s a crystal guy now, and he’s our phone device for direct communication with the planet Azeroth itself
  • Azeroth is a sleeping Titan
  • Azeroth is SHE
  • Flashbacks about Khadgar and Medivh history
  • Khadgar cares for Karazhan and bothers to set barriers against Legion there
  • We need Pillars of Creation to stop Legion, and we just got a guidebook (although we didn’t look into it yet)


Wow. As a lore man, I couldn’t be happier to learn all these things. But there were drawbacks too:

  • There was no voice acting at all. Really? While even invasions are accompanied by voice, leaving this big and significant lore piece without any voice was surprising. It killed the immersement by huge scales. Why, aren’t we getting used to good things that quickly?
  • A reward for completing the full story is 685 gloves. Really? While invasions drop 700 gloves by default, with a chance of 710-720? This made me wonder if initial Legion questing will also grant some 670-690 items – that would make the whole invasions loot system ridiculous.
  • It ended up just like this. We escape and give in the quest to Modera in Dalaran… and this is it. I’ve spent 15 minutes running around the city in case I’ve missed something. No, I didn’t. I mean, we had a whole demon party after us in Karazhan, and their named leader. After we give in the final quest, this party launches an attack at Dalaran, and this final boss appears too. There’s not a single quest, not a single comment about it, and the reward for killing this last demon is two – yes, two nethershards. Wow. This ended just like that – with nothing.
  • We all know that Dalaran would be teleported to Broken Isles – it would be logic to make it one piece with this scenario. We would give in the book, repel the demons who are after us, and mages take us there with the city – all in one breath. Now it’s just a big question mark…


  • I’m happy to report that I’m rapidly coloring my item chart with blue and red (this means that item level is 700 or higher). It’s very fast for all the toons. The goal is to make their general ilvl at least 700.
  • I’ve completed ilvl goal for 5/16 toons already. The coolest thing is that two of them have 655-660 off-hands with no chance to upgrade through invasions (warlock and shaman) – and  yet they are 700 and 702.
  • The rest toons are about 680-690, and it won’t be long when they are there too.
  • Tanking the last boss in invasions appeared to be useless without a raid group. A Pit Lord got me in three blows despite all the cooldowns and abilities I used. No tanking it for me then. Yet I survived very well at the first three stages.
  • All mogging, the pet, and the toy are in my stocks.
  • Crates drop an awesome weapon called “Gl”.




3 thoughts on “New Khadgar Scenario, Invasions & ‘Gl’

  1. I think the Gloves might be vary per character – my “Cleared Heroic, never set foot in Mythic” main got them as 700, a guildie got some 710 (though I don’t know if they have Mythic experience).


    • If so, well they shouldn’t. The content is introduced as a part of pre-expansion, so it should be the same or higher level as invasions. My never-set-a-foot-to-even-Normal-mode, LFR-only toons are safe to get 700 ilvl gloves from invasions. I assume the quest reward – and it’s already Legion questing – should be at least 700.


  2. Yeah, the quest chain had a high cool factor; ulduar and kara in particular. I really liked it though I may not read as fast as we travel so Mr. Man had to wait for me. I was lost once I was done, it felt unfinished so I tried to kill the legion invasion in Dalaran; foolish me!
    685 Gloves …

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