Invasions & Alt Planning


My Legion event goals are as follows:

  • Raising ilvl to 700 or more – to help the toons do initial questing in Legion. This is easy, as each invasion lasts 10 minutes at most, and it gives two gear items. With 50 shards you can also buy trinkets, rings or cape.
  • I don’t hunt for weapons or their improvement, because on August 30 they will be immediately replaced by artifact weapons.
  • Collect all mogging sets – 200 shards each
  • Buy a bat pet – 150 shards
  • Complete the Broken Shore scenario
  • Get a toy – need to look for groups and stalk a bit

Even with this HUGE amount of alts it all seems very easy and enjoyable. I test rotations, I get many prizes for my effort, and I’m involved into the new expansion lorewise. The best part is that I feel no urge or desire to go to Garrisons. Stormwind and Orgrimmar have much activity rolling!

Alt management is all about planning.

Here’s my alt chart (clickable):


The ultimate goal is to color the chart all blue for the Alliance toons and red for the Horde toons :) Dreadful as it may seem from the first sight, it’s fun and easy to complete.

How are your invasions going?



4 thoughts on “Invasions & Alt Planning

  1. Wowzers, that is organization supreme!
    I don’t have near the number of Alts as you, but the some that I am taking to (new) Dalaran will run Invasions on week three when they are continuous and so can be repeated in one place continuously.
    These Invasions are totally fun and I wish there were more intense mini-events like this all of the time — perhaps in different colors, after all, we are being invaded!


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