Broken Shore Scenario & Invasions

Warning: the post contains spoilers.

One after another, I did the scenario for the Alliance and for the Horde yesterday.

Like I always said: you fail to see the whole picture if you see only one side of conflict. If you played only for the Alliance, you saw that Sylvanas and the rest of the Horde party just left – like Thranduil left dwarfs in “The Hobbit”. Left us to die.

If you played for the Horde too – you’ll witness that they left for a reason. Baine carried Thrall who was wounded and exhausted, Vol’jin was mortally wounded and asked Sylvanas not to let the Horde die on the shore. The Horde lost it all to the swarm of demons, and if they made a last stand, all the Horde factions would be beheaded. That could not happen.

Vol’jin dies in his throne room. His last will – dictated by loa spirits as he claims – is making Sylvanas the new warchief. I liked how she accepted and started with her new responsibility. She was grave serious. She was sad about Vol’jin. She was reluctant to accept the burden of being a warchief. And when I watched it for the first time, I waited for her first speech as a warchief – I knew it was the most important part of the video. It was perfect. It’s crystal perfect.

“Vol’jin is dead. Who wants to help me avenge him?”

Simple as that. What is hidden in this simple phrase? A TON OF SENSE.

  1. Death is inevitable part of nature and of life circle.
  2. Yet this one came too early.
  3. Vol’jin was your and my warchief.
  4. We are the Horde. I am part of the Horde.
  5. Yet I understand that it’s not enough to call me a successor – I must prove to be one myself.
  6. My first act as a warchief is battle – revenge for the slain leader.
  7. In this vengeance crusade, I will be one of you, I will be with you. I will prove my right to be your leader in battle – the Horde way.

Isn’t it brilliant?

I won’t tell much about Alliance side of story – everything is clear there. Let’s just say I have tears in my eyes every time I watch the final part. And it’s gonna happen again and again – I have many alts to bring through scenario :)


You have no chance to survive the last boss’ AoE unless you self-heal and wear plate. That irritates me a lot. Most of the boss fights are spent in cemetery runs – hence the repair bills.

By weekend I’m getting the achievement, and I will just grind the invasions a bit more with my toons in order to collect transmog, pet and raise my ilvl a bit. It’s vital for Baisa, my shadow priest, who is at 615 ilvl now. Let’s get her ready for Legion questing – she’s very, very squishy.

What I need to say: the invasions grew old pretty quickly. They’re basically the same.



One thought on “Broken Shore Scenario & Invasions

  1. I like your analysis of Sylvanas’ speech :D

    I’ve had fun with the Demon Invasions so far, but I can already tell that doing them with all of my alts, even just enough to get the Transmogrification sets, will begin to get very dull and grindy. Doing enough of them to get all my alts’ gear up to ilevel 700 is going to be even more grindy :/


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