Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience

I’ve tried both. The post contains spoilers about Demon Hunter starting quest chain!

Obviously all plans for a new toon are always ruined. I’ve scrolled through barbie faces of blood elves, their range of sophisticated, elegant standard haircuts… And it’s not what I associate with a wild, mad Demon Hunter. At all.


Kek. Meet Melaris!

The starting quest chain was awesome. The path through Mardum demon world was smooth. I didn’t lose my way, objectives were clear and easy, and the whole journey was a perfect tutorial – letting us learn and use the new abilities. Still I didn’t have much time to look around – probably I will roll one more DH just to see the plot happening in a slower pace.

Other Demon Hunters – players – felt like we are all the raiding Illidari party, and that’s an awesome quest design. You are not super-duper commander, you’re one of many. Well done!

What positively surprised me, is that most fellow Demon Hunters around me had really awesome nicknames, totally elvish and in character. There were no “Shitfaceblade”, “Cooldemonhunteralex”, “Poops” and the lot. Well, not yet.

The whole quest to Mardum felt pretty useless though. We got some Legion key to the worlds, and forgot about it immediately, because we were captured by Maiev (we return to Black Temple to witness a defeated Illidan, so we’re busted as well). What happened to the “key” that we were acquiring? No one knows.

Then after many years – it is ‘now’, and Cordana opens our and Illidan’s prison for Gul’dan. Maiev gives us freedom, and we fight through the prison to the surface. Illidan is captured and kidnapped by Gul’dan, Maiev follows, but we stay to slay some demons and escape to Stormwind/Orgrimmar with Khadgar.

On our arrival to Stormwind gate Khadgar immediately informs us – through quest – that Varian is dead and we must greet Anduin. We do some final demon slaying in the Stormwind Keep and get our demon hunter hermitage at mage quarter.

The introduction is awesome, and also serves as a trailer to Legion questing. I’m happy to confirm that questing in Legion would be great.

By the time we are 100, we have a pair of talents to choose, and what seems like a sufficient set of abilities. A pair of cooldowns, 3-4 offensive, some defence, some pretty useless situational crap as ‘capture demon until it’s hit once again’.

Gameplay is very nice. It feels pretty fast, and rotations are very logical and understandable. Build – spend, easy as that.


I haven’t had enough time to do a Broken Shore scenario, but I’ve tried an invasion – it was conveniently running at a nearby Westfall.

It feels very, very easy to complete – until the 4th step. The final boss; design is awful. The dreadlord is almost constantly AoEs everything, and well, if you cannot self-heal, you are dead. You are dead 4 to 7 times during the encounter. What you do is waiting for resurrection, and then you die again. Things are the worst for melee fighters, but if you’re within a shooting range, AoE will get you too.

WTF, Blizz? Unless you have healers around who heal everyone, you’ll be dying whatever you do. You can’t avoid dying, no sir. I fear that very soon players will figure out to die once and then wait for the boss to be killed just to get their loot. Who needs these repair bills, anyways?

Something should be done with this.

On evening I will try Horde and Alliance scenarios for Broken Shore (I know the spoilers about faction leaders, but it won’t spoil me the real experience). And there are city events to explore.

Woot! So many things to do in the coming days :)


One thought on “Demon Hunters & Invasions Experience

  1. Yes and yes, I’ve not tried the DH opening zone yet but will soon. Like you, many of my guild enjoyed it and want to run it again to get the detail and enjoy the fun.
    I’m excited to see new stuff!


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