Trivia: Fishing, Tomes, Timewalking

– I am only 5k rep away from becoming Exalted with Nat Pagle. A week earlier, it was just Friendly. Thanks Bodhi Rana for his tip. I’ve been fishing lunkers in HFC moat – 25 so far, each one gives 350 rep. And I also didn’t miss Pandaria dailies – you can get 1800 rep per day. With lunkers you could actually complete it all in one day, but I take my time. I think I’m getting my achievement, toy and mount tomorrow!

– With Garrisons done, I was finally able to send a sneaky Night Elf into a Stranglethorn pet hunting expedition. She set up a camp and checked for the rains in Jaguaro Island. The rains must happen exactly on this island (the weather is different in the Cape of Stranglethorn itself!).  I finally caught the final achievement pet – the monkey! It’s been a year when I had only this pet left for achievement. Pandaria and Draenor collections are left to complete now.

– Gardell the Retribution Paladin is now at 25/30 Val’anir shards. One or two Ulduar runs are left for her.

– Timewalking was fun. I ran five dungeons with different toons (that means 2500+ tokens).

– Micromantica the Ice Mage didn’t like her Ice Spike talent eventually. You use it extremely rare, you have to wait for it, and it has cast time! Well, it all makes it pretty useless in dungeons and leveling. Comet Storm it is! An instant and pretty powerful AoE on demand.

– Gottenbar the Protection Warrior tanked Pit of Saron. Wow, this was wild. We wiped just once at vrykul trash mobs – it required only two or three seconds when I was distracted from using my defensive abilities, and boom! I’m dead, and everybody else follows. Yet again confirmation that tanks now must be very pro-active to survive. Otherwise you drown. Anyways, the group was actually great and we did the dungeon slowly, but without major flaws.

– Lizgun the Survival Hunter learned to switch off aggro from her pet. I knew there’s something wrong with her pet always dying. I suspected that it’s because of aggro, but there’s no taunt ability on the panel anymore! I thought they removed it, but it appeared to be wrong. So, now you need to summon pet, then go to your spellbook and see pet abilities. There you can find the taunt and bring it on panels.

– Oluu the Brewmaster Monk ran two Hellfire Citadel wings with the reset cooldown. She killed six bosses, and she got six tomes! Now it’s 15/33, and two wings are yet to come this week. She also didn’t die a single time. She finally learned how to tank with new rotation.

– Baisa the Hasty Leveling Shadow Priest just did 2 dungeons yesterday and skyrocketed 3 levels up. She’s at 64 now, and she needs some proper attention before Legion. I’m getting her to 100, wrapping her in Baleful collection which she already has, and I’m done. It’s strange how Shadow Priests always have their shadow form now. Not very convenient for choosing hair color at barbershop which I did yesterday.


4 thoughts on “Trivia: Fishing, Tomes, Timewalking

    • One pandaria daily fish is actually 600 rep. In one day you can do only one from the sea, one from lakes and one from rivers – that makes it 1800 rep a day.
      I guess I’m doing just these tomorrow dailies, and the rest will come from lunkers in Tanaan :)


  1. You, my friend, have been very busy! I enjoy your organization and thoroughness.
    Grats on the fishing! I think that you’ll find the Angler’s Raft to be one of the more useful toys in the game and fun too!


    • Thanks! Actually I’m already using Angler’s Raft :) It comes from Anglers faction, which I already got in Pandaria. Nat Pagle is a One-Man Faction (because he’s legendary xD)

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