Transmog Before Legion

Official WoW social profile asked subscribers to share their mogging at their public pages, so I thought it was a good topic for my blog.

Now that Blizzard made a huge step to moggers with their new wardrobe feature, even more people would try and create their sets.

I use mogging A LOT since May 2015. Draenor armor and weapons were so awful that I finally made very close friends with transmog ethereals. To the extent that I don’t have a single un-mogged toon now. I’ve spent thousands of gold for mogging items ever since, and worked out some rules:

  • No capes, no helmets. They just don’t fit.
  • Nothing too flashy or too extreme. I need a beautiful, balanced but plain enough outfit. You could achieve a distinct image by simpler means.

I’m totally proud of all my toons, but I just want to share the best ones in my opinion.

Bons – Fury Warrior


Lizgun – Survival Hunter


Hedersen – Outlaw Rogue


Kellers – Fire Mage


Gardell – Retribution Paladin


Oluu – Brewmaster Monk


What is your way of using transmog?

4 thoughts on “Transmog Before Legion

  1. Nice roll call there!
    My way of using tmog is pretty limited. I’ve been following some sites to find some looks or I try a set using the new tools on my own; of which, I fear I have no good taste or sense of style!
    Somehow, it seems easier to dress up the female characters but I only have a couple of those.


    • Thanks!
      I think mogging is more about creativity. I won’y copy any looks – because it’s my toon with his/her own background, so there will be a unique outfit. Every set is a specific fantasy.
      My mogging usually starts with shoulders or chest. I get a cool item and everything else just follows. This chest – ok, what pants and gloves would fit? If a thing doesn’t go with the current set, you try another one until it does :) It’s quite easy.
      My suggested order of building your transmog: Chest -> Gloves/Pants -> Shoulders -> Belt -> Boots -> Weapon. It’s easier for me because I don’t use helmets and capes.

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