Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – Class Tests

I did proper raid tests on weekend to get to know my classes and to be confident while playing with them in Legion. Just swift points here:

Fire Mage – she’s amazing. It’s the most smooth, understandable and awesome caster yet. Very powerful. Much faster than Draenor version.

Ice Mage – once I’ve enchanted and gemmed Haste on her as much as I could, it became playable, and yet not that enjoying. I still think that Pandaria iteration was the best one. Freeze – Shatter playstyle was a perfect class fantasy. I could get used to Legion as I did with Draenor, although I’m not quite happy.

Protection Warrior & Brewmaster Monk – they share experience. They have a very simple fighting rotation. They have many defensive abilities. But all these abilities serve just as helping your healer. In WoD you could cast some shield on you and be cool for 5-10 seconds, no worries. It doesn’t work in Legion. In WoD you could aggro and be cool until some really serious stuff happens. In Legion a boss or even a mob immediately starts to beat the shit out of your health bar. If you use your strongest cooldown, you’ll be anyways dead if healers fail. You’re always on the brim of death, if tough times come. You need to be very pro-active and busy with your defense just to keep your face on the surface, but without healer it just won’t be enough, and you will drown.

I had a tough time in Destructor’s Rise – that’s the wing where I felt what a bad healer means. We had five healers in our group, one was AFK, and one specced into Elemental Shaman and did the best raid DPS. Obviously we wiped – Mannoroth just didn’t give us a chance even if me and the other tank did no mistakes with swapping, positioning and trying to keep ourselves alive. When healer thing was fixed, it went more or less smooth. The other tank finally fell down, but I managed to survive for the last 10-15% of boss’ health. That was tense!

By the way, on her first run Oluu is 9/33 Tomes deep into her Epic Ring quest :) Just as planned.

Outlaw Rogue – it’s the coolest melee class ever. I managed to grip the idea – it’s about Roll the Bones finisher which gives you a random buff(s). You fish out for the certain buff, then you forget about it until it expires. One standard finisher and one finisher with bigger cooldown. Pistol Shot on proc. Easy as that, and a very satisfying, fast swish-slash style.

Assassination Rogue & Feral Druid – why, isn’t it tricky. You maintain bleed DoTs on your target, it’s basically all about it. That means your face is always glued to these DoTs by your enemy’s frame. Two in case of a Druid, three in case of a Rogue.

Survival Hunter – I’ve mastered it, yes. Rotation is enjoyable, and one of the richest in-game. Once I put Haste all over her, it became even fun. Still I need all the Haste I can get.

Frost Death Knight – I have put lots of Haste into it too, and it became almost nice. All the three rotation buttons started to happen faster. I need much, much Haste for her.

Fury Warrior – it’s fine. I got the grip on zweihander dual-wielder – you’re building up 75 rage for Rampage, and everything else is just a sidedish. Easy as that. She also wants Haste and Haste.

Enhancement Shaman – It’s just A – Awesomeness.

Retribution Paladin – a perfect class for beginners. Easy to learn and easy to master.

Destruction Warlock – I have yet to set up my three major abilities on the panel. It’s like an itchy blanket – I keep shuffling them all the time, and can’t settle them, can’t get myself comfortable. Yes, it’s all about how three spells will be arranged for buttons 1, 2, 3. And I’m not ready yet exactly for this reason. Everything else is just fine.

The most important weekend outcome is: now I’m ready to play with all my classes and specs in Legion.

Through invasions and questing I’ll fix my last issues, and I will be even more ready for raiding my blessed LFRs in the coming expansion.


6 thoughts on “Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – Class Tests

  1. Woot, Way to go, that is a lot of set up time! For me, it took a lot of reading and fumbling about to even get my two-spec hunter set up and practiced. Grats on that! I used Kazzak for my test dummy; long enough fight to work through a rotation with little at stake.


    • Thank you! I used Icy Veins for explanation on how everything works now. Although I’m not copying everything.

      My final setup is decided in the field. I could find that the whole class impression is too slow, or there are too many buttons now, so I tune the talents again. A comfortable gameplay is my priority, not the best DPS numbers.

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