Fishing Out Turtle Mounts

This weekend I’m having extreme fun with all the new things. There’s one more which appeared these days. What’s happening?

Just people banding up in raids of 40 to do fishing in Garrison ponds.


The point is: everyone has a small chance to catch a Lunarfall Carp. Throw it in the water, and a cave dweller murloc will show up. It dies in few seconds, then everyone gets PERSONAL LOOT.

A band of 40 means constant flow of murlocs to the shore. So in no time you will loot:

  • Lots of fishing stuff, like lure, hats, and fishing poles
  • LOADS of fish meat – here’s a way to help your alts with First Aid and Cooking for free
  • Vendor trash which costs 4-11 coins
  • Nat’s Lucky Coins – the currency to buy Nat Pagle’s pets and mounts. You could collect for pets and Water Strider sooner, for example.
  • Strand Crawler pet – maybe there are more
  • Finally, a Riding Turtle and a Sea Turtle


  • Don’t ignore Findle’s Loot-A-Rang, it really helps.
  • Fishing Shack where you’re fishing should be Level 3
  • Group finder is swarming with suggestions
  • After getting into a raid, you could just mingle there with the crowd and not fish yourself, just loot. But this is not a fair way, a responsible guy won’t do that. You’re slowing the process this way. Besides, it could be your carp which drops you a turtle. It’s not a good tip, actually. Forget about it.

Happy fishing!


8 thoughts on “Fishing Out Turtle Mounts

  1. Joined a group, i wanted Nat’s Lucky coines, have 39, i need another 61 to buy 2 pets, i have everything else alread including the 2 turtle mount, i have lots of fish and bait, people were so fast with cave dweller i could not fish most of the time because i’m in combat, then the group disbanded, i’ll look for another group soon.

    In the other hand, leveling now is better, because 5 people could tag the same mob and get credit for killing it, this helped with leveling my gnome hunter, no more look for other mobs, you can share them with others.


  2. […] Fishing Time!  It took me 2 sessions, each one was 2 hours. I got Riding Turtle in the first 30 minutes, then I just kept collecting Nat’s Lucky Coins. I want that Crimson Strider. Like I said, it took me 4 hours to get the desired number of 100 coins. Now I need to get to Exalted with Nat himself – I’m doing it through rare catch dailies in Pandaria. This will take some time. It’s a ‘morning coffee thing’ number one! […]


  3. The screenshot of this is simply amazing.

    I had no idea that the cave lurkers could drop Nat coins. I will have to join one of the groups.

    For Nat rep, definitely do the Pandaland daily fish. However, don’t forget to fish the pools in the moat around HFC. I usually started at the ramp that leads to the moat next to where Bramblefell spawns, work my way counter-clockwise through all the fishing pools until I’m near Felsmith Damorka. At that point, mount up fly over the HFC courtyard back to where I started and the pools have respawned. You’ll get a decent number of Lunkers as well as Felblights. The bonus here is that you are not limited to the number of lunkers you can turn in with Nat, unlike the 3 pandaland fish. It’s mindless enough to do with your morning coffee.


      • You can do that with any of the lunkers in WoD. It’s just the close proximity of the guaranteed pools in the moat makes that spot a very nice farm. I use worm supremes as lures while fishing there. At one point, I had hundreds (possibly thousands) of them, so I used them as a gauge of how long I fish. I don’t know if they actually affect the lunker chance or not. However, during the 10 minute lure buff, I’d usually wind up with a couple felblights and a couple of lunkers.


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