Pre-Patch 7.0.3 – Class Changes & Suicide Event

My evening and morning were 90% devoted to the huge work of class changes. I have 15 toons needed to be ready for Legion (well, one of them is 61 yet).

The bottom line is:

  • Whoever tells you that damage sucks, spit him in the face.
  • Tanaan mobs die in mere seconds with every class, while you had to waste some time on them before pre-patch.
  • Most classes feel like they could use much Haste.

I’ll run through my experience class by class.


Survival Options – there are many. I liked the improved Blink talent – it has two stacks, and it doesn’t interrupt your casting. Splendid!

Frost – Micromantica, my main, got few changes. She now has Flurry spell instead of Frostfire Bolt. It’s used the same way, so it’s basically a recolor.

She doesn’t have to use her water elemental anymore thanks to talent – hooray!

She got herself a new last-tier finishing move which I need to try – this spike which is formed out of 5 icicles. I felt I could use it during raid encounters, but I’m not sure about leveling – what if all mobs die earlier than you collect icicles for the spell? Comet Storm was my previous choice, and if I feel that I find no use for spike, I will turn to comets once again. It’s a bursty instant spell, and it’s available on demand.

Very cool revamp of AoE Blizzard spell – once you cast it, you don’t have to channel it anymore.

I have tested her with two LFR bosses. All in all I felt she lacks Haste now, and Fingers of Frost procs very rarely compared to previous rotation. Then you don’t cast Flurry as much as you had to cast Frostfire Bolt. Also multistrike is gone, and while I enjoyed siphoning the almost unbreakable ice jet towards enemies before pre-patch, now it’s more like cast time – hurl, and you have to get used to it. So she feels like a slower caster now.

Fire – Kellers didn’t notice any significant changes in her rotation. Major spells are there. There’s a very cool AoE improvement – this Kael’Thas-from-Warcraft-3 trademark fire pillar can proc to be cast in an instant, and that is so cool. All in all she gained some casting speed, and she feels more wild now, not a sluggish mortar.


Feral – Mayluna figured out the rotation on training dummy, but didn’t bring it into the field yet. I’m completely new to feral spec, so this is gonna be fun! New animations are very cool.

Death Knight

Frost – Mindebad got a significant reduction of abilities, and her rotation is simplified. She also feels slower, while she has always been a very fast killing machine. Although she’s powerful – mobs die in three blows. But I would trade this back for speed.


Windwalker – Paitsu is not happy that her Fists of Fury don’t stun her targets anymore. Jab is gone, and it’s cool, because I’ve always thought of it as a waste ability similar to Tiger Palm. Now they’re merged. You must keep an eye on NOT repeating the same abilities in a row – for example, if you use kick, slap, kick, slap – that means combo, and combo means better DPS.

Brewmaster – Oluu was very surprised to stay with FOUR offensive abilities. I feel that I could use more for leveling. Although the defense ability range of elixirs and brews is pretty awesome now.

I did some field test – she is not squishy like at all – she never even notices any hitting, but plain world fights maybe a bit boring due to the lack of offensive buttons.

I need to test her tanking in the raid. By the way, as long as we’re here – she’s done with the Runes and sets for Hellfire Citadel for Tomes!


Protection – Gottenbar got his revamps. I don’t feel that he lacks anything or that he’s drastically changed, no. Need a LFR test for him as I plan to tank with him in Legion – of course. He’s cool.

Fury – Bons got her revamps. She’s 100% into class fantasy now, and the new animations are just perfect. Rotation is new and easy to get. Field test – she’s wild, pretty fast and powerful. One of my favorite class/spec combinations.


Assassination – Hexen isn’t happy yet. You got your hands full of new multiple ‘bleed’ abilities, and I haven’t figured out her rotation yet. Still I like the new animations and she’s all about poisons and blood. Class fantasy it is.

Outlaw – Hedersen jumps like a girl. It’s by all means in the top-3 of the fastest classes in game now. That swordplay is just awesome. Pistol shots feel like a funny delay in the middle of the brawl though. I would prefer to have them completely situational (like we have one for stuns) or a real finishing move, which would be used at 20-30% or so. Now they’re part of normal rotation. But everything else is just… wow!

You want to take the Grappling Hook talent. You want to start an Outlaw Rogue only to use Grappling Hook. You can kill two or three hours in a row just using the Grappling Hook.


Destruction – Microfury is very new to the spec, so she has little previous experience to compare. All in all the rotation became much simpler, but the speed is somehow slower. She’s not a machine gun spitting felfire like before. Maybe she will try to switch back to Affliction – I don’t know yet.

She can walk without demon pets which I like!


Marksmanship – Lizgun is not sure about anything now. Everything is outright chaotic. I so need to get used to rotations. All in all everything dies very fast in a very few shots. She’s very, very effective. It’s just the gameplay that is not satisfying yet. We shall see.

I’m not very much against of trying Survival. Maybe several months into expansion.


Retribution – Gardell says that she’s not very excited about revamp. Everything is almost the same, you get used to few new abilities very fast, but it’s… plain dull now. The fights aren’t as flashy as they’ve been… Bump. Bump. Bump. Mob dead. Yay.


Enhancement – Schlitzchen is extremely happy. She’s the happiest toon of all. It’s her who stole all the visuals from other classes. It’s a living thunderstorm, the fastest and the most powerful melee toon of all. Mobs die in three mighty blows. Complete revamp of her abilities. You barely find anything familiar. And it’s for the best. There are finally no totems! Extreme mobility if you need so.

I’m just shivering with excitement when I’m playing with her.

Field Test

You may want to try your new classes in three situations. At least that’s what I’m gonna do.

  • Soloing older raids
  • Killing 100-level mobs in the world
  • Current raids


  • I suddenly felt that I have no need or desire to hang out in Garrisons anymore.
  • I thought I could clear up the extra Draenor zone quests – for cash. You know, the ones marked with crossed swords on a map. It will be easy at 100 level and pretty rewarding. Also it’s a practice of new rotations.

Suicidal Pre-Patch Event

  • This funny event of NPCs handing out Legion pamphlets in capital cities. If you get 12 different notes, you get a Feat of Strength. Cooldown for asking a pamphlet is 15 minutes.
  • But people figured out pretty fast that when you die, the 15-minute cooldown is reset, and you could ask for a new pamphlet. Guess what happens next?
  • The pamphlet girl spots became graveyards littered with player bones. People get their pamphlet, hurl into the sky, then commit suicide by falling. Resurrect at the spirit, short flight, pamphlet, suicide.
  • It was so sick. It’s really sick. It’s like all the city gone mad. You stand there, and people – naked people – are dying around you. Deliberately. And I don’t think that’s what they thought of when introducing this event.
  • I participated of course, and got my Feat of Strength in 40 minutes. The last 2 pamphlets just didn’t proc. Had to get 70 or so.
  • 70 suicides for my toon only.
  • It will stay in history as Suicide Pre-Patch Event.
  • Nice work, Blizzard :)


9 thoughts on “Pre-Patch 7.0.3 – Class Changes & Suicide Event

  1. Oh, is *that* what’s going on? When I first saw your post title and picture, I thought the piles of bones were because certain pamphlets were only given out in Stormwind and others only in Orgrimmar, and so you’d have to brave the other faction’s capital to get them all. This is scary in an entirely different (but yes, as KublaKhan says, hilarious) way. Still, I think I might just park one of my baby Mages by one of those Doomsayers and try to remember to log on with her a few times an evening to grab a pamphlet, and not worry about trying to get the achievement *fast*, just try to get it by the end of the event :P


  2. Oh boy, I didn’t realise this was happening. I haven’t been near a capital city since the patch went live (too busy sorting transmog) so I am going to get myself there tonight and if it’s still possible to get the pampletes fast this way.. add her bones to the pile :D


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