Pre-Patch Highlights!

Wardrobe & Toys

  • Managed to go through banks of 6 Alliance toons in the morning. Obviously got all the Fashionista achievements at once, although I crafted some shirts with my main. Btw, I need to check out the shirt market, whether it’s worth crafting and selling some in these days.
  • More banks and sacks to raid through, more things to add to collections.
  • Items now have a useful tip on them which indicates if you don’t have that look yet (so you should put it on then), or you can sell it right away.
  • Added many saved toys to my collection, although I was surprised that some of the vanity items didn’t become toys. For example, a fishing raft becomes a toy. But a floating ice block, which acts the same, is not. WTF?

Missions and Garrison Items

  • They nerfed it. Follower upgrades qualify for 5 copper. I did everything yesterday as planned, so I’m glad to share 84,000 among my six Alliance toons and 88,000 among my five Horde toons.
  • 14-17k is a good start per toon for Legion, but of course we will earn more in the coming months. Selling mogging items alone brings 2-5k per toon.
  • Funny thing: before I went to sleep yesterday, I launched the last gold missions for 37 gold. Today they brought me Garrison resources. So I couldn’t cheat the Big Brother :)


  • Yes, it’s very cool. I’m very much irritated that I have to switch off helmets and capes from every toon again. But all in all the upgrade is perfect.
  • Grand Expedition Yak is your wardrobe key, if you forgot it somehow.
  • I’m saving my current looks for the toons, they are just awesome and I want them available in a blink of an eye.


  • Managed to get through talents and abilities of four toons – frost mage, fury warrior, frost death knight, windwalker monk.
  • Warrior, Death Knight, Hunter and Monk got mail with weapons for revamped specs. Fury Warriors now wield two zweihanders only, so they got two zweihanders. Frost Death Knights now dual-wield only, so they sent me a pair of swords. Hunters got a spear in case we want to try some Survival. Monks got a staff because Brewmasters will wear them.
  • Everything in panels is a bit strange, but not overwhelming. I’ve kicked a dummy a bit, and I think we’ll get the idea of the new rotations pretty fast. They’re not drastically changed, and the new abilities are easy to comprehend and you could easily understand which role will it play in your rotation.
  • Talents are very cool and make perfect sense even by description. Picked them up easily. I had two or three choices though, need to try this and that.
  • I’m so going to LFR this evening for a field test.
  • I need to see all the new cool animations and moves.
  • To battle!


  • Graphics went very cool! Didn’t tune anything, but everything suddenly looks several times better. No bugs, and no delays.
  • Although my cooling fan in a laptop became a bit noisy – so video card is under stress. We need to check that in raids. Maybe I will tune down the visuals a bit.
  • The new panel of your health and main resource right under you character is extremely convenient. Still I’m switching it off for most of my toons to preserve the ambience :) Yes, I’m all about immersement, not some mysterious dps numbers.
  • Need to get used to new mob health bars.
  • I like the new HD damage numbers.


  • Pre-patch was available at 8 a.m., even if maintenance hours were planned until 10 a.m.
  • I believe in Santa again.

Now, this is my chaotic pre-patch morning! What was yours?


4 thoughts on “Pre-Patch Highlights!

  1. Chaotic describes it well!
    I did my best to not be over-whelmed since my Opening Move was to flip through my lowest Alts and work up; the constant reminder that everything has changed and is unspent was just another layer in the chaos.
    How can Jeeves be not a toy?
    I am looking forward to settling into my Mains and give them the love that they deserve over the next few days. New stuff is fun stuff!


  2. Some classes i need more time with to relearn them like Monk, others i was able to play them fast and adapt to the new changes, as for my main, i miss Halo, my best AoE when it comes to old content, kill everything around me, then use Findle’s Loot-A-Rang to loot but oops .. i can’t use it anywhere but Dreanor.

    Still adding transmog items and emptying my bags and banks, i play without the usual add-ons, i will update them later, i got all the achievements and the title.


    • I’m currently running through Icy Veins tips – that really helps to make a thoughtful choice.

      I’m not coping their talent sets though. I want to be good with my classes, but I want them to be fun good. I need to understand how talents and rotations work, yes.

      But if a maxed DPS will mean that I must give up a fun bursty spell for a channeling one for best DPS – well, not doing it. If a talent says you can walk without your water elemental – yes, please, no matter if this option has a red cross at Icy Veins.


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