It’s the Last Garrison Day…

Yesterday’s Evening & Today’s Morning

Just kept logging on all my toons all the time, giving out missions. At least those of 40 resource, 37 gold were appearing very often.

Today’s Evening

Today when I’ll be home from work, it will be pretty much the same. I’ll be checking the missions for my toons every 2 hours.

In between missions I am leveling my priest, mostly through dungeon runs. She’s currently 59 and wearing all the heirlooms possible. I happen to do only a quest hub or two with her before I outgrow a zone and leave it for good.

At midnight I will have my last trading session. I’ll send the toons and ships for the last gold missions if there are any left. Then I’m selling all the resources on every toon – to zero point. I’m getting rid of Primal Spirits – some came from missions in these days. I’m opening all the crates and selling all follower upgrades.

Then I go to bed to see the morning come :)

Tomorrow’s Morning

It is important that there won’t be a scenario on Broken Shore tomorrow. It happens after invasions in August, which is only logical.

Thus, I assume there won’t be Dalaran either, as they send you to Dalaran after this scenario. It’s on Broken Shore as well.

 Which still leaves us with plenty of job to do.

  1. I’m going to tune my graphics settings, because they will be bummed (always happens). There will be delays, shitty graphics and everything from the start.
  2. I’m gonna tune my interface and get used to it. I didn’t like health and resource panels under my character on PTR – at all, because it ruins my involvement in game so  bad, even if it was convenient. Imagine there was some technical information on screen when you are watching a movie? Luckily we could switch it off.
  3. I’m going to get used to my classes. I’m juggling ability panels and setting them for LFR for stress test. It is important that your Fury Warriors and Frost DK might get 655 weapons automatically tomorrow. Frost DK can’t equip zweihanders now (which I did and was happy about before), Fury Warrior can equip two zweihanders only. At PTR I got new 655 weapons, although my Fury Warrior had 685 zweihanders already. Probably it happens on live too?
  4. I’m going to free my bags from toys and mogging items.


I’ve been leveling this priest of mine, and it just didn’t work with Night Elf. I guess the only nice option of face/colors/everything – I already used with my druid. I recall that settling a face was a big problem back then. The rest are plain ugly. I didn’t feel any bond with the new priest, and I hated to login with her.

Solution? Gnomification.

There was another toon I needed to turn into a gnome, and that would be my Death Knight Draenei. Her rotten skin was not something I felt comfortable with Draenei. Besides, I have a proper living Draenei now :)

So I turned the DK Draenei into this badass:


Luckily she will dual-wield in Legion, which also solves the problem of a huge zweihander scratching the ground.

Yay, I’m playing 6 Gnomes now!


2 thoughts on “It’s the Last Garrison Day…

  1. After the pre-patch, i’m race changing a hunter to a gnome. That will be 3 for me. Coincidentally, they’re all related in my rarely-voiced RP story of them.


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