Nerves, Or Brawler’s Guild Fail

During my weekend I was busy with Brawler’s Guild again. It flees in Legion as well, so I went to see if I could do some achievements there.

Brawler’s Guild is one more ‘arcade’ thing that I hate in my MMORPG. The other one is Darkmoon Races, and I don’t wanna do them as well.

Still, Brawler’s Guild is a useful check of DPS and could pass as a raid training, so I gave it a chance in Draenor.

I can’t do many ranks at a time. The fights are EXTREMELY stressful, and I hate this. Once I start failing for 15 times in a row – well, that’s not the day, and  I leave it at that.

Had 2 sessions throughout Draenor. The first session raised my rank from 1 to 4. The second one got me to rank 6.

Yesterday I picked up at that, and I went to rnk 7 and the last boss which will bring me rank 8 achievement and the mount.

I’ve tried 20 times. I made breaks to watch a movie, and I tried again. There’s just no chance I can do it.

This last fight is Draenei Paladin, and I’m brawling with my Frost Mage. Probably not the best choice – very squishy, requires standing at her place to provide max DPS, and having little healing/saving options. One – I got Cold Snap and a healing potion as a pair of powerful instant heals. Two – I’ve got Ice Barrier and Evanesce to avoid hitting me. And yet it’s not enough for the last boss.

This is how the fight goes. He launches a full field of sparkling lights which are slowly crawling around. And he ignites one of them lights. You need to touch this ignited light. It turns into a mob which you need to make 50% health, then when he charges, you must be behind a boss to take off one of his shields. He has three shields, so you must do it three times. Then when shields are off, so are all these crawling lights, and you will nuke the boss.

It’s just awful. You need be constantly moving around. If you touch a single crawling dot, it’s 70% of your health bar off at once. If you touch two, you’re dead. And there are like 50 of them at once. The mob also tries to hit you, so you must run from him too. And you can’t go cautious between the lights and wait for the moment, because all fights have a timer – sudden death will come and kill you if you don’t manage it in time, even if it’s 5% boss remaining and you would kill him otherwise.

That means FRANTIC running around, hoping that sparkles won’t hit you. There’s just no option for taking your time and keeping calm – it’s just sheer luck. It all depends on how the lights will randomly move every next time, and which of the lights the boss will ignite.

My best try was somehow igniting two mobs at once, and I managed to get the boss into second phase. I was running at 5% health, and I almost nuked him – 15% left I guess, but ‘sudden death’ came. All the other tries – I managed to take off only one shield of three if one at all.

What’s worse, it’s the last fight that I need. I will be trying it today and tomorrow before pre-patch comes, but I’m pretty sure I’m not getting this achievement.

I’ve spent 5 hours on this boss alone yesterday. I hate arcades.

6 thoughts on “Nerves, Or Brawler’s Guild Fail

  1. I worked on it last week. I made it to rank 7 which was better than I could have ever hoped for. The first fight beyond I gave a few attempts and walked away happy with as far as I got.


  2. What stress me is other players looking! so i went there in a time where no one was there, much less stress and more focus, i did it after 3 times, total of 6 tries, i did it on shadow priest, of course luck play role here, 2nd to last one the lights killed me in 5 seconds, last one went smooth, just got hit by 1 light.


  3. Woof. What a rough topic! No, I didn’t do Brawler’s Guild nor the races. I’m still trying on the flying races to get the toy wings but I so dislike it that I don’t give it enough attempts.
    That being said, I am very happy that there are odd side bits in the game to explore and try and play it; thank goodness it is optional on every level!


    • I’ve got the final toy achievement of 200 items without Darkmoon races, so I just quit on these :) And the other Darkmoon arcades as well. I guess a gnoll one was the only one I completed.


  4. Best of luck. After reaching rank 8 last expansion, I haven’t really felt the urge to do it again and probably won’t unless they add another pet. Still need that last shirt from the optionals though so should probably try that.


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