Legion Pre-Patch 7.0 Date Announced: What’s Coming?

There – an official confirmation from Blizzard.

July, 19 for US and July, 20 for EU region. Yeah, we are always having our patches and everything on Wednesdays :)

So, what’s gonna be on July, 20 in the pre-patch? And what you’re gonna do before it’s too late?


That’s hell of a thing. I have my alts’ banks and bags stuffed with things. I need to sort out everything. And finally see my bags empty for important things! It will also mean that we can get all the new Fashionista achievements, right?

Mind you, if you’ve ever bought an item for mogging and kept it in the bank, but never happened to mog from it or wear it – do it before selling it!! You must make an item personal for it to appear in the new wardrobe list for further use.

You need to try on all BoE items before you sell them.


Yeah, this is your bag improvement as well. I’ve got several bags of vanity items waiting to be removed to be added to my collection and free some extra space.


There’s no reason Garrisons will continue to bring gold after pre-patch hits. I guess this is it, the nerfs are coming. This is your household weekend if you don’t want to lose some last profit:

  • Try and squeeze the last gold from gold missions, both Shipyard and Followers.
  • Sell all the Follower upgrades. They will cost 1s instead of 8-18g.
  • Maybe it’s time to open crates in Salvage Yard
  • Build a Trading Post (level 1)
  • Turn all the Primal Spirits into Savage Blood, and exchange the blood for 50g coin sacks at Trading Post
  • Exchange your Garrison resources for 15g coin sacks at Trading Post

Class Changes

Now that would be hell. I’m probably spending the first week running LFR at Hellfire Citadel with my toons. I guess it’s the only challenging content for me, I need to shuffle all the abilities at my panels and put them into stress test.

And once the patch hits, LFR will become hard mode again. Tanks who don’t know how to tank, healers who don’t know how to heal, DPS who don’t know their abilities. Wow. I’m expecting fun! Oh, and whining of course. They nerfed my <random class> to the ground and killed it. No, they didn’t. In most cases you have to see how it works now and get used to it. That’s what I’m gonna do.

  • Small thing 1: there won’t be Demon Hunters yet.
  • Small thing 2: there will be Gnome Hunters! Not rolling one myself until there are reports about amazing lore and/or quests about taming mechanical hunter pets.

Epic Rings

Yes, now you probably won’t get your Epic Ring of ‘orange’ quality.

But if you start the quest chain now for your alt, you can manage to make it 715 in only 3 weeks.

Dungeon step takes you one day, Highmaul step will take you one week, Blackrock Foundry will take you two weeks to complete. A ring of 715 level is a good enough to bother I guess. The possibility to start a quest chain will vanish on Tuesday/Wednesday.

It’s up to you to decide.

There Won’t Be

  • Invasions
  • Demon Hunters
  • Broken Shore Scenario
  • Obiously all leveling and dungeon content.

Blizzard says that we must get used to our new classes first, and they are right. But we will see it in the next weeks.

I’m super excited!

8 thoughts on “Legion Pre-Patch 7.0 Date Announced: What’s Coming?

  1. Well, first thing it should be a Gnome hunter, i’m choosing Survival because i really enjoyed it in PTR, then of course the transmog and bags, then as you said, Highmaul to practice the new abilities, keep doing some dailies in the old content.

    Honestly i’m happy the garrison will be useless now .. mostly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too! I’m very tired of seeing the missions tables upon my log in :) I really miss resting in different places of the world.

      As an example, I need to track the ‘rain weather’ at Jaguaro Island in Stranglethorn to catch the very last pet for achievement. I would set an alt there for this, because it’s a long ride… but Garrisons and missed profit.


  2. This will be a very fun and full day, the pre-patch.
    We’ll be headed to the (new) Dalaran and given a Dalaran Hearthstone. With all the portals in Dal, for the first time in a very long time we’ll have a hearthstone to put where we want (instead of Dal, Shrine, Shrine etc), instead of the optimal necessary place.
    How fun, amazing really, to have this odd option. At least for the pre-patch era, I think I’ll pick some odd place. Like Gadgetzan for the Invasions.


    • K3 is currently set for my mage – she runs the vrykul gals’ daily for a bear mount :) But she has portals in her sleeve anyways. The other toons want to leave Garrison, yet they can not. We need this option!


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