Loose Ends

My weekend was pretty busy in WoW. There are several loose ends that waited for a long time, and their time has come.

Household Chores: Garrison Before Pre-Patch

My new garrison game is taking my 10,000 piles of resources per alt, building a Trading Post for those who don’t have it yet, and exchanging the resources for coin sacks.

The purpose is: there won’t be any gold sacks available in pre-patch, so your garrison resources will turn into pumpkin in a pair of weeks. You also want to sell all the follower upgrades and try to squeeze the last drops of cash out of your garrison and shipyard missions before pre-patch. Actually you want to get rid of all Garrison-related stuff – find a day for this.

Each sack grants you around 15 gold, and what’s best, it counts into account-wide achievement Got My Mind On My Money. My account had 142,000 before this bank day. After I sold resources of my alts, it became 157,000. Worth it, isn’t it?

Big Projects

Ah, these long-delayed projects of mine. I’ve already devoted my posts to Exploration (got all the maps opened for all toons) and Pandaria Archaeology (got all the Pandaria achievements, only Draenor ones are left now).

I did some pet battles. Slowly doing achievements, but that’s just leisure.

I pushed further in Brawler’s Guild. My god, that’s thrilling. I never can do more than one rank at a time – it’s too exciting. I’m at rank 6 now, and I need 8.

Yesterday in the night I came to Northrend. My Paladin remembered she has to run Ulduar for epic weapon, and I got two more shards, making it 11/30. Besides, there’s a plan of getting Mimiron’s Head – a must-have mount for my gnomes.

Also I need the last Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare for meta-achievement and for the mount. Only need for 10 version, got it for 25.

I have closed the two final achievements at Icecrown Citadel, 10 – Full House (10) and Been Waiting a Long Time for This (10).

The last one was important to be done before Legion. My Marksmanship Hunter would like to get rid of her pets and never remember them. But this achievement requires a pet class if soloed, and it’s easier with a hunter.

It is important that you don’t hit Lich King by yourself in the beginning. Aggro the Lich King with your pet and put it into passive mode at once, then walk to the edge of the platform. Then you just do nothing, while ghouls and vrykul and Lich King are trying to pierce the thick 100-level hide of your pet. You could use the same macro as you use for Hopocalypse Now! – this macro counts how many mobs are there around and posts it in your chat:

/run local count = 0 for i = 0, 10000, 1 do if _G[“NamePlate”..i] ~= nil and _G[“NamePlate”..i]:IsVisible() then count = count + 1 end end print(count)

So, do nothing and wait until there are 40 mobs and Lich King in the middle of platform, all hitting your pet. Then come closer, stand close to the mob stack, target Lich King to see his stacks, do nothing. Everything happens automatically – he casts plague on you which will hop on the mobs. When Lich King has over 30 stacks of buff (I’ve waited for 52 just to be sure) and the mobs die by themselves, just nuke him. Didn’t have to heal myself or the pet.

Boom! A meta-achievement and a mount. So now I can just run through ICC and nuke everything for the horse, not bothering about achievements.

Oluu and Her Epic Ring

Oluu the Brewmaster Monk finished Draenor questing and had most world treasures collected for resources. She will need Shipyard Level 3, so it’s 2500 gold + 2500 resources + 25 treasure missions. 20/25 missions now, and resources are collected.

Shipyard keeps bringing me the quest runes. Through single BRF run, single Tanaan weekly and garrison/shipyard missions I’ve already got 380/900 runes in the first week, and there’s a chance there will be more before cooldown. So I’ll be ready for HFC step in 1 week I guess.


It’s merciless, but Blizzard added up this achievement. It requires finishing a Class Order campaign for every class, which means at least 100 -> 110. Well, I’m planning a Demon Hunter by all means, and my toons are set and ready for new content… but I don’t have a priest!

Actually I have now. First 20 minutes with my morning coffee, and she went 1->8 level. This will be the racing leveling. Heirlooms, potions, buffs, heavy use of dungeon runs. I’ve even thought of leveling through dungeon runs only. Could it be fun for a Night Elf to become level 90 and never leave Teldrassil?

Actually, I’m not doing that. The goal is speed leveling now, and questing helps much. Still, I’m gonna be merciless. If I outgrow a quest, I will throw it away in a middle of quest chain or even quest and move on. Her goal is 100, and she won’t linger anywhere.


6 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. That is one ambitious list!
    That tracking macro is solid gold, I hope that Legion doesn’t break the ability to create scripts and things for finding the information that we want to track. I’m a bit of an Achievement hound and I like learning how I can do things by myself, especially the older and forgotten ones. To make myself feel better, I call them “projects”.


    • Just in case, I won’t take credit for the macro. It was posted at Wowhead as a comment for Hopocalypse achievement :)

      My Horde toons’ guild is called ‘Achievehunters’ xD We love achievements there :) And as of yesterday I hit 19,000 achievement points.


  2. Thanks for your tips, i did that achievement with my horde hunter, it was the last one i need for Heroic 10, next week i’ll do it again for Heroic 25, now i have one new mount to show off :-)


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