Big Project: Archaeology of Pandaria

My next Big Project came to an end: I have collected the last pristine object, the rarest Mantid banner, and completed all achievements!

Archaeology of Pandaria consists of three big parts.

    1. You must collect all the types of objects, but you complete it pretty soon. That was done way ago.
    2. You must collect 20 of each object. That’s pretty hard only in the last step. When you’re just started or crawling in the middle, whichever object you dig out goes into achievement. Then by the end you start having full collections, so each new item you don’t need already feels like a vain item. Still, if your next ‘project’ is what you need, then you’re sure that when you complete it, it will count towards the achievements. And ‘vain items’ could be packed and exchanged in Ashran for earlier projects (night elf, dwarfs etc.), pandarian projects – which helps much, or draenor archaeology garrison missions.
    3. The third and the last step are all the same objects, but of pristine quality – one of each kind. It gives you a quest when you can place it in a special show-off room. Of course you collect most pristine objects while hunting for your 20-batches, but still. That is hell of a hunt, because not only you need the right object to proc, but you need it to be pristine as well. I have collected 32 pandaren teapots, for example, before I got a pristine one.

Completing this, you get yourself a personal museum – that’s the greatest idea ever. We need more things like that, so that you achievements were exposed somewhere, if not for everyone, but for yourself.

And so, I have completed my room :)

I thought it could be useful to give some stats of how many objects I collected to complete all the achievements. I won’t bother you with object names, but will simply share the numbers:

Pandaren: 10 objects = 21-31-41-34-32-24-29-28-31-42
Mogu: 10 objects = 27-40-37-30-38-28-32-32-32-30
Mantid: 8 objects = 26-32-31-48-43-37-41-54

That was RNG for me. Of course, it would work better or worse for you, but statistics show that we must count for 30-35 objects to do the trick.

Draenor Archaeology – next!


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