Household Chores & Tanking BRF

Two completely unrelated topics.

Oluu & Her Tanking Towards Epic Ring

I stepped into Blackrock Foundry yesterday. Tanking went extremely easy. I failed just once at Gruul – I failed to notice one of his infernal *swish* in time, and when I just started to move to a group of players, I was dead.

The other bosses went down easily. I found out how cool it is to learn the encounters to the bone as a DPS (ranged and melee), because when you come afterwards as a tank, you know exactly where to put a boss for them to kill easier. So “movement” issues become not issues at all, and I can concentrate on my survival. By the way, although I’m mostly dressed at 650 baleful things (which makes all gear from BRF an improvement), I keep my health bar up really well. I don’t feel like I’m on the verge of death – almost never.

The first week gave me 230 runes as of now, and I guess more are coming through shipyard missions before cooldown reset, plus I have 2 more bosses to kill. I’m quite busy at Tanaan every day – I need a solid batch of Apexis to cover the weekly epic quest. It’s 20k Apexis exchanged for 75 runes. Not impossible of course, but some daily discipline is required to complete all quests every day :)

Household Chores

Suddenly I’ve noticed that I enjoy doing some peaceful stuff ‘at home’ from time to time. Both Halfhill farm and Garrison missions/Salvage Yard – I’d rather do that than go elsewhere.

It would have been awesome to have this option of peaceful activity, and at your own place – while waiting for raids, for example. Yet if the activity will bring some profit, then profit will make it obligatory for all alts, so it quickly grows into routine, and you grow to hate it. On the other hand, I guess no one will do some vain activity.

Could there be an option?

One thought on “Household Chores & Tanking BRF

  1. I’m enjoying running the LFRs also, mostly because I too know the fights so well. This late in the expansion, it makes it fun by knowing the mechanics of each fight. Also, I appreciate players who play different roles; how many times have I heard a tank (when trying healing) say that they have a new perspective on the jobs and tasks that they do.

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