Epic Ring Catch-Up: Highmaul

Here is Oluu’s Abrogator Stones step:

  • Imperator Mar’gok – 2 kills
  • Ko’ragh – 1 kill
  • Twin Ogron – 2 kills
  • Tectus – 2 kills
  • Brackenspore – 1 kill
  • Butcher – 1 kill
  • Kargath – 1 kill.

The rest Abrogator Stones came from 2 weekly Apexis quests in Tanaan and almost daily Shipyard missions.

It took me only one week. Now I set off to Blackrock Foundry for the next step.

I’ve got a very good feeling about her getting the epic ring before Legion :)

2 thoughts on “Epic Ring Catch-Up: Highmaul

    • I guess not. We need 900 runes.

      The weekly boss drop is guaranteed 144 runes (with a small chance of 27 instead of 13 per boss).
      The weekly quest in Tanaan grants 75 runes.
      Shipyard and Garrison will probably add up to make it a bit less or over 300.

      So it’s 2-3 weeks at best :)


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