Trivia: Draenor Endgame by the End of Expansion

Oluu hit 100 yesterday in Nagrand. Questing left for her are Grommash Stronghold, Lok’rath post and my most hated Throne of Elements. I’m not sure if I want to complete them, but I may – as a farewell to Draenor in August.

She made it to her Garrison and got a quest to upgrade Garrison to Tier 3. This required flying a bit over Gorgrond to get treasures and pile up resources. Then I was set and done for endgame activities, because epic rings require heroic dungeons, and you can’t do them without proving grounds.

Proving grounds went smooth, I’ve completed bronze and silver in my first try. A piece of cake for a monk, because ox statue and ability to toss barrels over half of the field are priceless.

Heroic runs for Epic Ring quests went well too. Flawless Slag Mines. Two wipes at the Crazy Train – some DPS aggroed the whole room of trash mobs twice. An amazing asshole in Everbloom. Since trash before the first boss the healer kept telling us we’re all noobs – like all the time. It was like a dam broke. He just won’t shut up. I suggested him not to torture himself in this company of noobs and quit, he said no, I need this dungeon, we suggested him to keep silence then. We wiped at the second boss – people were confused whom to beat and interrupt, and the healer Gola managed to buff himself to cast almost instant heals. So we had to fall down deliberately and try again. After the wipe we kicked out the healer and found another one in a couple of minutes. After I explained this small piece of tactics, people did everything right, and all the remaining bosses went down in 5 or 7 minutes with ease.

It is important that toxic players are being expelled from the group if they don’t stop being toxic after first warning. Zero tolerance. No matter how much time you spend finding a new player, no matter if the whole group quits – it’s vital that toxic jerks should be toxic outside of dungeon. Newbies who don’t know whom to beat, or where to stand, or other dungeon and raid mechanics – they can learn. Toxic players – they will always stay jerks. 

Then it was Auchindoun, and with our overgeared DPS it was done in 10-15 minutes. This leads me to gaining 4986 Apexis crystals and Tanaan – I will continue doing this in the coming few days.

I’ve ran Highmaul’s first wing. There’s little a tank can learn nowadays there. Every boss went down in less than three minutes, and the other tank won’t even let me to grab a boss to try and tank it. Everyone’s overgeared. So it’s not a good training, I’ve just felt like another DPS guy. Still I need some gear to proceed to other raids, so I will run Highmaul few times more.

Endgame now has very fast catching up mechanics. I hit 100 yesterday, and today I’m having a functioning Shipyard, Garrison Tier 3, all Garrison buildings, and ready for Highmaul and Tanaan.

14 toons now ready for Legion.


2 thoughts on “Trivia: Draenor Endgame by the End of Expansion

    • Thanks :) Well, most alts were born and led to 90 by the end of Pandaria, and 3 more appeared this year by the end of WoD. That is: when I’m dressed at LFR, achievements done, and that’s my cap. I’m not engaged into some hardcore PvP or ‘serious business’ raiding, but I prefer replaying storylines and I see my alts as characters with background, not utility pixel sacks. So yes, I definitely have some time to spare for them :) My goal for all alts (and my main) is keeping them geared up to the highest LFR set available, and their professions maxed (because they’re sharing all the professions among themselves and provide everything both for Horde and Alliance toons).

      Different classes give quite a different experience of gameplay, so it’s always a bit different. You could enjoy nuking one boss, and with other class it’s a disaster. Then you come to a second boss, and your loser class suddenly shines and vice versa. Also I have two tanking toons now, which would be a new experience for me.


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