Mounts For Sale


I have always been a collector type. WoW serves this part of my nature well – one of my big attractions in the game are different collections: achievements, mounts, toys, and (to lesser extent) pets.

Acquiring mounts is probably one of the most complex things in game. While you could easily get a vast amount of them, the others require hard work. Straightforward farming, like badges at Argent Tournament, or Apexis crystals in Tanaan/Garrisons or some reputations, raid cooldowns with 1-2% drop rate – we’ve all been there.

One of the hardest things for me personally were expensive mounts. I’ve always been making money as my side activity, as a reward for doing quests or running dungeons and raids for other reasons (never did an old raid for cash). I’ve almost never sold things at Auction House, it’s always chaotic and I tend to spend pretty big money there as well. I would spend thousands for mogging items, for flight lessons and profession mats to help my alts.

Still, money stopped being a problem in Draenor. Garrisons and Shipyards suddenly began to bring my army of alts some vast amount of cash. I’m sending followers and ships for gear and follower gear to sell, runes (which stack and cost good money), and obviously gold itself. A stack of 20 crates processed through Salvage Yard would bring me 500-600 gold too – I won’t bother with auction house, and I would vendor everything.

And so, this cash flow resulted in this mount list (prices are very approximate):

4 multicolored panthers – 28,000 to 40,000 each
Jeweled Onyx Panther – 80,000
Grand Expedition Yak – 120,000
Champion’s Tradeblade (Alliance Chopper from the TV show) – 100,000
Minion of Grumpus – 40,000
Crimson Deathcharger – 45,000
Garn Nighthowl – 35,000
Vial of Sands – 42,000
Geosynchronous World Spinner – 70,000
Depleted-Kyparium Rocket – actually crafted it, but mats cost much

I don’t include any 5,000 cost mounts in the list – they’re relatively cheap.

It’s over 750,000 gold I was able to spend in Draenor for mounts only. Terrifying, actually. But at least I need nothing in this part of the Auction House anymore :=)

My six Alliance toons are sitting at a heap of 5,000 each now. My five Horde toons are sharing a 100,000 pile of cash between them. I would carry out all the gold leftovers from Garrisons before pre-patch, but I think we’re good now. We’re done with our Garrisons, bring the demons!


3 thoughts on “Mounts For Sale

  1. That chopper is on the list somewhere; for me it was the first crafted mount that I could have access to via gold and bargaining.
    Thank Elune that we’ll finally be in (new) Dalaran so we can show off our mounts!


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