Trivia: Midsummer, PTR and Leveling

Nothing big really happens, just small routines.


Oluu hitted 96 recently, and I guess she will be 100 by the weekend. I confess I’m breaking my rules and there’s a leveling boost for her at Spires of Arak, the tavern building which means +20% experience. But I just love the Shattered Hand poison questline and the other option is sick.

I’m taking the items with armor bonus when I have to choose, and in Draenor I notice that I’ve become very weak. Yes, sometimes I happened to hold a bunch of 5 mobs and some are added in the process, and I don’t die, which means I’m pretty trained at my tanking survival. But it’s discouraging when you aggro a simple quest mob and you waste many blows to kill it.

I will come for the epic ring quest at my 97 – it won’t bother me to walk through as many steps as I can. Anyways i must go to raids to train my tank and gear up a bit.

Strange thing is that suddenly no one is leveling via dungeon runs in Draenor. I have effectively wasted 40 minutes one day and 50 minutes another day. I didn’t get into any dungeon. Mind you, I queued as a tank. Does it mean that dungeons are pretty cool and complex to run them while leveling?

Talador’s climax scene at Shattrath is the best in all Draenor, and I like replaying it. Five characters from Warcraft Movie featured there: Orgrim, Blackhand, Durotan, Draka and Khadgar. I’ve compared them to their movie versions this time, and saw them fit.  Actually, I’ve imagined the movie characters in place of the game models, and it somehow gave another depth.


PTR is so PTR. I wanted to try Broken Shore scenario again, to see if I could finish it. Nah, I couldn’t even get out of my Garrison – again. Any transportation – teleports, hearthstones, mounts – just won’t work. I was silly to waste an hour trying to get out of my Garrison, silly to repeat the same actions hoping for another result, and it was nothing. So I quit.

Checked the new skill set for my tanking warrior tauren Gottenbar. It’s basically the same, with few nice perks and changes, but I need to test it in the field to see how it works.

I wonder why current PTR version is merciless to my system requirements. I’ve copied all the graphics settings from live (they’re not top settings, but close to this in most aspects), and the delays at PTR are awful, I just can’t move without standing in place for a while and then appearing in the other part of garrison, I miss the doors and everything. The lowest settings won’t help much as well. I couldn’t even perform a 2-button rotation on a dummy.

Testing, my ass.


Got all the toys. The easiest way is Pandaria – Cataclysm – and Kalimdor or EK zones where you can meet both factions’ bonfires.

Won’t run for pets. Already had all the achievements.


4 thoughts on “Trivia: Midsummer, PTR and Leveling

  1. If they wanted stress testing in the PTR, they got it — it sure looks like a lot of work that they need to still get done!
    Grats on your toon-ups, running the LFR for Legendary parts; it must be best on the right day of the week, on or nearly after Tuesday — those Monday night runs could be rough!
    Good luck!


    • I couldn’t win any dungeon queues – no groups were assembled (one of the days was weekend). LFR queues are always ok, even on Tuesday night for dps (we have cooldowns reset on Wednesday mornings on Russian realms).


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