Trivia: Leveling & Midsummer


Midsummer Fire Fest is here, and I’m busy again.

Probably it’s the last holiday event where I got some things to do. Of course I will be running Hallow’s End and Brewfest bosses for mounts, but I have all the achievements and toys from every holiday already – except Midsummer.

There are three toys at Midsummer – costing you 500+350+350 flower tokens. As always, I’m giving this task to several alts, each one assigned for his own toy. My favorite way of acquiring them is of course via travelling through the world and interacting with bonfires. I like this type of holiday things when you need to visit places – besides being fun for me, it helps to unlock the map for your toons. I’m very close to have all the WoW maps unveiled for every character, and Midsummer is one more kick in my butt to uncover the maps for the few left.

Hexen the Goblin Rogue was launched first for the flowers as she had least of the EK/Kalimdor maps covered. She effectively visited all the bonfires on these continents (plus Cataclysm, because they were on her way), and now she has only high elf starting zones and one of the Plaguelands left for being an ultimate Explorer of the world.

EK+Kalimdor+Cata bonfires, plus a single Ahune run (7 flowers), plus two easiest dailies (10 flowers) granted her 502 flowers – right enough for the most expensive toy. Splendid! And I’ve spent only 2 hours for it, even if delayed by exploration issues as well. If you travel straight from bonfire to bonfire, it will save you much time.


With Midsummer, my tanking Draenei Monk Oluu was put on standby mode for a couple of days. I’m pretty confident about her – she’s just reached Kun Lai Summit with her level 87. Leveling is extremely fast, and I’ll have her in the middle of Draenor by July. And maybe she will even manage to start the epic ring quest chain.

Mayluna, my Night Elf Druid, has a complex spec history. She started as a healer because I wanted to try healing. After she reached level 64 in Pandaria times, I changed her spec to Balance, because healing didn’t work for me and I hated the activity. She was Balance until now, until getting her Epic Ring, she tried some ‘serious business’ tanking a pair of LFR and holiday bosses as an off-spec, and now I’m thinking of changing her main spec to a kitty. Healing won’t do for me, I’m somewhat disappointed in Balance (it feels pretty slow), and Bear just doesn’t associate with my nimble, agile girl. So at pre-patch and Legion – Cat it is. She will keep the Bear off-spec to tank the holiday bosses, so she will be a beast thing.

Month Before Pre-Patch

As August will be all about pre-patch and learning new abilities and rotations for my toons, I think that in July I will follow my previous plan and get my main Micromantica to get me some Archaeology and Pet Battle achievements. It’s essential that I play lazy before we rush into the new expansion at full speed.

What are your plans for the next two months?


One thought on “Trivia: Leveling & Midsummer

  1. My “next two month” plans includes playing lazy as well. I like it. I have very little to do right now except stress on the profession changes and if I’ll do some switching to allow gathering for the Blood of Sargeras.
    The pre-patch is all about learning my rotations, selling hexweave bags to some (hopefully) very rich Demon Hunters — and doing the Invasions!
    My math skills suck, but I think I’ll want eight Invasions per armor class to get the set token. Since they are “here today, gone tomorrow”, I’ll not want to miss the opportunity.

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