Timewalking Dungeons And Alts

There’s just a small hint to save your effort during Timewalking events. For those of you who have several alts able to timewalk.

Here’s what I do:

Run one dungeon per alt during the event week.

The first dungeon per alt gives you this quest item for 500 tokens and some extra from bosses. All the following dungeons grant some laughable amount and cost 4 efforts more, so they aren’t worth it.

I have calculated how many alts I need to launch after items. There are toys and mounts. So, here’s my routine per dungeon week:

  • Alt 1 – 500 (+15-30) tokens
  • Alt 2 – 500 (+15-30) tokens
  • Alt 3 – 500 (+15-30) tokens
  • Alt 4 – 500 (+15-30) tokens
  • Alt 5 – 500 (+15-30) tokens

If you run the same 5 dungeons with your main, you get ca 650-700 tokens. At the same effort and time spent.

With my method you need only 3 to 5 events to get most items from event vendors, because every alt is collecting tokens only for his assigned item, toy or mount.

I hope it helps.



4 thoughts on “Timewalking Dungeons And Alts

  1. This is the same mentality I used for the Argent Tournament. Have a toon of each race do enough tournament to be able to buy the 2 mounts, toys, and pets per faction. Then never have them do it again. The main and a paladin will be doing the entirety for all the achievements/reputation/etc and in the process wind up with enough seals to get the specialty mounts.


    • I ran Tournament with one Alliance alt, one Horde alt and one Paladin for Paladin mount. But unless you have enough different races (10), running multiple toons just multiplies your effort, although saves you some days or weeks.

      In Timewalking any toon above 85 (to fit Cata dungeons) will suffice.


    • 1. Garrison event quest is only for the guys who will run 5 dungeons with one alt by all means. It’s to get a reward (500 valor, chest and smth.else). I don’t need it, so :) And I haven’t checked if it disappears from the journal.

      2. In my post I mean the quest starting item which drops from the last boss of the first dungeon for every alt. You only have to hand in this quest to event vendor in capitals, Dalaran or Shattrath (depending on event) and get your 500 tokens, then proceed to the next alt :)


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