One Alt = One Ring

Yesterday the LFR cooldown was reset, so Kellers the Human Fire Mage and Hedersen the Human Combat Rogue got their epic rings (making it 13).

It’s been an easy ride. The whole thing took me April 2 -> May 25, that is, less than 2 months. Are there any differences from when it all began for my major alt pack? Yes.

The alt-compensating mechanisms are awesome.

  • For the first step you nail some dungeons and defeat the spirit of Kairozdormu. There’s nothing you can do to speed it up, but it’s one day with pugs who already know the dungeon fights to the bone.
  • For the second and third steps you collect Stones and Runes from Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry raids respectively. If you did at least one ring, the drops are higher for alts. The items also come from garrison missions (small pile), shipyard missions (medium pile) and a weekly apexis quest in Tanaan (big pile). Highmaul took me 2 full runs, Blackrock Foundry took 3.
  • For the 4th and final step you need a well-developed shipyard and five 2-day missions to complete there. For a new toon it’s a delay, but anyways you’ll most likely complete this way before you collect 33 Tomes from Hellfire Citadel. The LFR itself took my toons 3,5 runs to get the quest items.

Mind you, you don’t add 2 weeks + 3 weeks + 3,5 weeks (8,5), because when you finish your previous step, you can go to the next raid on the same cooldown.

So, this all is basically about spending 3-4 hours a week for a raid run. There’s nothing impossible here, and if you start or continue your ring quest even now, you’ll get it before pre-patch.

It’s nothing like Pandaria cape grind – I didn’t get even one. Rings are easy to acquire, and that’s why I will put them in the bank for every toon.

My focus until Legion will be Oluu, my Draenei Brewmaster of her currently 37 level. I don’t hope to get HER a ring, because I’m not in a rush, but who knows? :)

3 thoughts on “One Alt = One Ring

  1. A small side comment: those LFR runs can pay gold. It is a well-rehearsed run for the most part and if you pick up a Satchel along the way, your Oluu will be stepping into a set of 650 (if not 695) baleful gear.
    And I love my gold …


    • Timeless Isle free gear was a key to LFR. Then you proceeded to raids and got yourself 2 tiers of better equipment. Baleful gear is given with no effort and you can dress up better than the last LFR tier of the whole expansion. It’s not fair, so I try to avoid it as much as possible. Just don’t feel it earned.


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