Leveling Starting To Get Fixed!

Oh wow. It’s only recently I mused about leveling and how easy and untuned it currently is. And here’s a bluepost:


Blizzard starting to address early leveling experience which is awesome. I wish they also did something to the speed of gaining experience too.

Movie Mog Prizes

Logged in in the morning to get movie promotional items for mogging. The stuff is awesome! On the second thought, I may not find any use to them :)

So, what we got:


The one-hand sword. Sadly enough my casters use staves or knife/offhand, my DK wields a zweihander frostblade. So the only fitting toon here is Bons, the Gnome Warrior. Wait – being Fury she wields two zweihanders, so nope.

The shield. No paladins or shamans in Alliance, and Bons is Fury like we said before. Nope.


The staff of Gul’dan. It’s the most badass item I’ve seen in a long time. Wait – I have no casters in Horde, so nope.

The one-hand axe. Finally some use could be put in that. It fits Gottenbar, my Tauren Protection Warrior, and Schlitzchen, my Goblin Enhancement Shaman.

So, presents are very nice but they now act as porcelain figurines for me. That is: mantlepiece stuff.

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