Illidan and Demon Hunters: Background

I’m in the middle of the “Illidan” book now. There will be no spoilers here, so you could rush straight through the post :)


First of all, I must praise the writing skills of the author. All the books of Christie Golden and Richard Knaak are graphomaniac stuff. It’s not literature – it’s fan fiction at most, with all the mistakes of the beginning authors. I could talk a while about it in another post, but long story short, they’re boring, they lack dynamics and all characters are plastic dolls – yes, they are. Which results in reading with much effort and only for lore sake, not pleasure.

“Illidan” by William King has nice dynamics, great story and believable characters – so it’s finally literature.

Second, it gives awesome description of WoW characters’ intentions and thoughts. You’ll mostly learn about Akama, Maiev and Illidan. You’ll be filled in about their actions between Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and WoW: The Burning Crusade. It’s a new story which you didn’t see in games.

Third, it gives you a chilling process of Demon Hunter creation. You need this background. You need to understand that each Demon Hunter you roll or meet in game is not just some cool guy with wings. It’s a twisted creature which experienced unspoken atrocities and which is hardly sane. Gotham’s Arkham Asylum would greet them with open arms to lock in their deepest dungeon.

If you plan to roll a Demon Hunter, the book is a must-read.

P.S. I’m possibly rolling a DH in Legion – at least to see the starting quest. It would be a Blood Elf girl, and I’m not sure yet if to tank or dps.

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