Flight Requirements In Legion

*Note: the post is being updated

Beginning with Draenor you are required achievements to get access to flights. It’s a good decision.

Gold gate is not an option anymore, at least not after garrisons. Some of the players have 11 garrisons acting like gold pumps and they won’t even notice a gold gating. Some of the players have only one toon and desperately saving for the yak or whatever precious mount – and the gold gating model will be a complete disaster to them.

What I am trying to say is: all players must have equal opportunities at expansion launch. And here’s what we have in Legion.

Pathfinder Part I – Available from Legion Launch


Here’s your requirements to flights in Legion – the current first step.

Three achievements are inherited from Warlords of Draenor:

  1. Broken Isles Explorer – obviously all the map must be opened.
  2. Loremaster of Legion – and all the main questlines must be done.
  3. Broken Isles Diplomat – you must be revered with six Legion factions.

Two achievements are new and bound to Class Order Halls:

  1. A Glorious Campaign – you must finish the new “garrison” campaign questline.
  2. Variety is the Spice of Life – it’s 100 world missions for you.

Let’s talk a bit about its completion.

  1. Loremaster for four zones will take you from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on your pace. Your gating here are Nightfallen in Suramar, their lore is bound to reputation. Yet the experience is not that scary. A world quest batch takes you 30 minutes per day to complete and awards ~1000 reputation. Throw in 750 rep for completing Kirin Tor and 1500 rep for completing Nighfallen emissary quests, and you’ll be there in no time.
  2. Explorer – once you’ve completed the questlines, 90% of your map will be already opened. Few, very few special visits to certain dead ends won’t be a problem.
  3. Order Hall Campaign is a nice chunk of plot. I have finished all twelve classes, and it was quite interesting and compelling – every class order hall campaign is different. During the campaign you will experience few milestones: completing 20 world quests, doing a series of follower missions, completing several dungeons on normal difficulty for quest items. The story and rewards for completing this part are pretty great.
  4. World Quests – these are dailies/weeklies, and these are endgame. You want to be doing them anyways to boost your professions, to level your artifacts, and many other things.
  5. Finally, reputations. In Draenor it was a stupid artificial crutch thanks to yes/no flight politics during the expansion, and Blizzard had to invent new factions. In Legion you are gaining reputations from the very beginning – through Loremaster questing and all the same world quests you will be doing anyways. It’s only Revered you need, guys. The only problem could be Wardens because they do not have a questing story to aid with reputations. So you don’t want to miss their emissary quests.

In my opinion all these requirements seem quite sensible and they could be achieved in a month or two of casual, moderately lazy playing.

What is more important, these achievements are done simultaneously and pursue many goals through one activity. During questing you open the map and gain reputations as it has always been. During world missions you gain artifact power, you get reputations and you buff your professions.

Updated on April 5, 2017: 

Pathfinder Part II – Final

The list is small here:

  • Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part I – the previous meta-achievement
  • Explore Broken Shore – will take 5 minutes tops
  • Legionfall Commander – Revered reputation with the new faction Legionfall.
  • Defender of the Broken Isles Invasions requirement was removed via hotfix on April 5, 2017

Part II seems very sensible. It’s just exploring the new location and a 2-week work on the new reputation.

Once you complete Part I and Part II, you get the ability to fly in Legion. And remember, you’re doing it all on just one toon. So once your main is Revered with Legionfall, every toon could saddle the Luv Rokkits or whatever Onyxia’s dragons you have.

Class mounts work like getting manasabers in Suramar: the chapters will appear week by week, and you will get the class mount upon completing the new Broken Shore campaign. If you start doing these quests in Summer, all the chapters will be available to you at once.

The difference here is that you are encouraged to complete the campaign per every class, because mounts are unique per Order Hall.

To fly, you should be aware of what is happening in the universe. You should be aware about the course of events, characters and where everything is going. You shouldn’t be walking in epic things from the latest tier and barely recognize Thrall.

Blizzard wants us to see the plot. I couldn’t agree more.

7 thoughts on “Flight Requirements In Legion

  1. I agree with your take on it. Most of it is what we do anyways and (I assume) it will be an account-wide unlock. It will be part of something that we keep an eye on.
    My two things are: the reward for part one is a ground-based speed boost. If it does not stack upon our guild perk, I don’t think that we’ll even notice it and so: crummy reward.
    Second: the next parts will be in a future patch when a new zone is opened — this makes me a little nervous because I had hoped that the next parts would be some of what we had done already with just some bits added.
    In all, I’m glad that they are being up front and center on the flying issue early on!


  2. Yep, I totally agree with you. It’s great to get to see all the work that has been put in the landscapes before rushing and flying over it all. Linking flight with an achi is a good compromise of having the player explore and then letting them enjoy their flying mounts. Thumbs up Blizz!


  3. I don’t give a hoot about how anybody wants me to “experience” their artsy fartsy content! It is a game and I play to have fun not to validate a game designers “vision”. That means I want the choice to play the game I pay for my own way and if I find it boring to crawl over the face of Azeroth (or wherever) then I vote with my dollars. And I did. Not paying for any more content that forces me to do boring grinding of any sort to re-learn and re-pay for something I have learned and paid for several times! Playing a game to have fun and ending up bored out of your gourd is looney. Too many other fun games to buy out there to run on a treadmill to earn the same thing over and over.


  4. So they have replaced “Gold Gate” with “Time Gate”. If you have a lot of time to play then that’s great, but this will impact on those who don’t have a lot of time to play. Making it part of quest lines is good because we do quests, but an overly excessive grind will not help those who may have a fraction of game time available ( such as the rep requirements ).

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    • By my experience, once you start digging a certain rep, it’s completed in no time. An emissary quest takes approx. 30-40 minutes, and it provides ca 2000 reputation beyond the other rewards (artifact power, gold, gear). It’s not much for a daily session, is it? You have plenty of time to complete the 5 revered and 1 exalted until 7.2. drops.


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