Bank Day & Epic Ring Catch-Up

Amidst my dull grinding for Argent Tournament mounts, there were some interesting moments this weekend.

Epic Rings

Epic Rings are amazingly easy to catch up for alts. I’m getting an 8-10 Abrogator Stone mission every next day in my Shipyard. Plus there’s an ogre selling some in Tanaan for Apexis crystals. Plus Garrison missions bring some small amount, but they do.

All in all, this ogre/Highmaul step took me just 2 weeks. I’ve ran Highmaul only twice with my 2 new toons, and Hedersen the Rogue will collect the last ones from shipyard after I come home from work, Kellers the Mage will probably have to perform yet one more Highmaul run on Wednesday to speed this up.

Equipment – Now Account-Wide?

I went stalking rares for ship equipment in Tanaan yesterday and they dropped no blueprints. I have checked on my equipment dwarf, and there they all were, you could buy any piece. I wonder how this happened. I had to hunt each and every equipment for all my toons back in August, and now they’re account-wide? That’s interesting.

Banking Day

I’ve organized my bags yesterday – actually it was a banking day. I have accumulated all my realm mats at two toons – one for Alliance characters and one for the Horde characters. Also I’ve crafted some potions and stones and charms to sell.

11 toons, guys. Eleven bags stuffed with cooking, mining and herbalism raw mats. Plenty charms, jewels and potions crafted. All put to sales.

Guess what? Accumulated throughout Draenor this all won me a massive amount of 4000 gold.

I just don’t see any reasons to even bother. This kind of cash I’m earning in two-three days with Garrison and Shipyard missions, and I don’t have to waste my time going through mine and herb garden, collecting stacks, crafting, putting it into auction and waiting what will happen… 1 minute spent for mission check-send.

Long story short: all Draenor crafts and mats will be vendor trash ever since.


One thought on “Bank Day & Epic Ring Catch-Up

  1. Good to know for the epic rings… I wanted to get one for my druid… Oh wait, for my mage… Oh wait, for my rogue… Well for all my alts actually :-D


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