It’s Been a While…

I’ve looked at my recent blog posts and noticed that last one was on January 18. It may seem I’m not playing much lately, but it’s not true.

Nothing new is really happening in WoW, but I’m having my agenda, and here it is.

1. Argent Tournament – dailies! It’s an amusing and friendly atmosphere, my hearthstone is bound there, and I’m on my way to getting their mounts, toys and achievements. I’m Exalted with 4 Alliance factions, but there’s more daily farming to do to get all the mounts, so it’s gonna be a while. Not to mention the Horde part.


2. Tol Barad! I’m happily doing dailies, and what I need is their dragon. I already have the toy and a horse.


3. As planned, I’m busy with Pandaria Archaeology. I have got most of the achievements, but now it’s simply pain in the ass. While previously you gained profit with each and every artifact you got, now you just wasting your tries in vain waiting for the needed item to proc. Still I’m doing it till the end, no questions.


4. Spent few evenings watching movies at a nearby laptop and farming dinosaur bones. It was a mere grindfest, and I’m glad it’s over now. Still I loved the island, it’s a nice hermitage point and a very cosy one too.


What are you busy with before Legion?..


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