Spending Your 100 Boost

Last week I’ve pre-ordered Legion, and ever since there was an annoying 100 boost plaque shining near my character list. Isn’t it a great opportunity to raise your alt to the current content? Well, yes, but I have all the 11 slots filled already and with 100 level alts.

Still, Legion brings us the long-awaited 12th slot in character list, and also there will be some drastic changes in classes.

So my plan is: when Legion comes, there will be a try of a Demon Hunter in the 12th slot (at least their starting chain), then I guess I will remove it and go for the most anticipated spec in previews:

TreasureIslandCombat Rogue

They really sound very promising. I’ve never played Combat Rogues before, and from what I hear now in class previews they will be complete and utter swashbucklers/privateers, pistol shots, and everything.

Besides I’ve scrolled through all the class/race combinations yesterday in case I wanted to try anything else (and with Legion changes in mind as well). No, there will be no priests, and other classes are explored to the extent I want them to be explored.

So my 100 boost yesterday was well spent on the brand new alt – Human Combat Rogue named Hedersen.

And what would be my impressions. Of course having your first minutes with a new class and right into a multiple mob fight is frustrating. But when first hour passed, I think I got the grasp.

The question is: how do they plan making it even more brawling? Combat rogue already feels like a furious, very fast swashbuckler, and even better than fury warriors to some extent. Now I don’t know which I like best of the two!

When you boost your character to level 100, here are your perks to start:

  1. Free Garrison Tier 3 with level 1 Barracks, Herb Garden, Mine and 1 Profession building – it was Leatherworks for a rogue by default.
  2. Full set of 640 gear so you are able to rush into Blackrock Foundry and Tanaan, but you still have to work your way into Hellfire Citadel.
  3. Most of Draenor map opened, but there are blank spots in every zone to be discovered.
  4. The first quest you get is acquiring a shipwright and go building a wharf followed by Tanaan campaign.

And so, I’m learning to play a Combat Rogue now.


2 thoughts on “Spending Your 100 Boost

  1. It’s my first visit on your blog, nice one! I’ve seen a bit of the gameplay of the combat rogue in Legion. I really like the new random buff and the use of a gun to slow down the enemies. All in all, combat rogues are very promising. Good choice for the boost ;-)


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