Yet Another Tanking Day


Yesterday I proceeded with my tanking. It was the third tanking night in my life, and it was Destructor’s Rise this time.

As I recall from my epic ring tome collecting being dps, it was the most complex wing save Archimonde. While Zakuun has always died easily, like a grey mob, there were always multiple wipes at Xhul’Horac and few were not impossible at Mannoroth.

Our cooldown is renewed at Wednesday morning. Yesterday it was Tuesday evening, which means we have to expect undergeared/leftover alts to complete the last hours of cooldown in the PuG. What can I say? It went extremely smooth.

I was prepared for wipes, but we didn’t fail.

Zakuun? Kicked the bucket like a baby, which was to be expected.

Xhul’Horac? Playing a DPS against Xhul means you have to run like a cheetah, use defensive cooldown except trying to dps and constantly switch targets. The encounter appeared to be much easier for a tank, I didn’t even notice the first phases! The last mechanic has to be mastered, and we didn’t taunt properly, missing few blows of the correct color. The other tank died, I did not.

Mannoroth? It was a bit challenging, I was often losing about 50% of health when the boss came out. Still I didn’t die and the other tank did twice :) It’s because I taunt the boss when the other tank has few stacks to let him have a rest. And he instantly taunts it back with his debuff stacks still on, and doesn’t use cooldowns, and dies.

There’s a problem with another tanks, it sometimes seems that they taunt for taunt sake, and not according to fight mechanics, being ignorant. Or they are too skilled and overgeared and are sure that they could ignore any tactics, they just want to have fun, holding the boss aggro on themselves throughout the fight. It’s hard to tell,  but it doesn’t help me to learn proper tanking. Even if overgeared, I’m always doing it right, either as a tank or a DPS.

Anyways, with my tanking debut at Destructor’s Rise I didn’t die a single time and offered great skills of positioning the bosses and adds, although coordination among the tanks lacked a bit :) Now I’m pretty confident about having a Protection Warrior – a totally tanking toon – in Legion.


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