Artifact Calculator And My Concerns

Legion Artifact Claculator @ Wowhead

While you can sneak peak at the artifacts and jump happily about how cool you will be, ask yourself one simple question:

What will happen when the artifacts will have to be replaced by green weapons after Legion?

Clicking and adding the abilities in the calculator, I have noticed that the artifacts obviously touch multiple aspects of your gameplay, they are not about sheer numbers and spell power.

What I see is that Blizzard now happily constructs themselves a hell of a job to compensate everything they are now so happily forging into the “legendary weapons”TM.

IMHO the development team must start the “artifacts-have-to-be-replaced” brainstorm immediately after Legion is released.


One thought on “Artifact Calculator And My Concerns

  1. I’d imagine it will probably just be an instance of the same situation they have with tier sets: the aspects that improve the gameplay (and fit the devs view of the class) will be baked in, the others will be happy memories.


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