Blizzcon 2015: Trailers


I happened to watch most of the panels at Blizzcon, and as soon as there’s a ton of Class news coming these days, I must not keep my Blizzcon post longer. While I don’t have much time now, I will better split one big Blizzcon post into several themes.

So, the first highlight for me was:


I was awaiting for them most of all things at Blizzcon. I cannot say I was dissappointed.

Warcraft Movie trailer was… ok. I saw few higlights in a teaser few days before, I saw some pictures, so I didn’t feel like I was hyped up to eleven. Still it was nice.

What’s new: they are going to insert a love story between Garona and Lothar obviously. They are going to kill Durotan in the movie, because Thrall was sent away Moses-style. Durotan will betray the Horde and try to negotiate with Humans.

Although it contradicts lore, I’m not very much against this. It will work for the movie, and it could have been in the official lore as well.

Fairly noticed: Alliance armor looks too shiny and polished, more like a cosplay.  Of course Warcraft is not Lord of the Rings which was greyish and greenish, Warcraft is all about bright colors, but still. We shall see if it works in the movie.

WoW: Legion trailer was awesome! It is a cool introduction to what are we going to do next. The threat was previously revealed, and now we’re coming for it. I liked how they showed us Varian – his first appearance in a cinematic was very natural.

– Who’s that cute woman in his medallion?
– It’s his son Anduin, you stupid.
(c) Trailer discussion

Yes, as we have seen in Pandaria’s campaign, Anduin is already around 17-18 years old, he has a man’s face and stature, and Varian has a 12-year old boy’s portrait. It’s a bit weird, but, lorewise, it maybe the portrait of a boy who yet could have become a fighter (like his father wanted), not healer, priest and peacekeeper like he is now.

Sylvanas was the coolest thing about the trailer. Everything she did was priceless, from first to last second.

Still, the trailer lacked some new stuff, maybe?

In BC and Lich, they showed us Arthas and Illidan – the long-awaited dudes. In Cataclysm, we saw Deathwing and how he destroyed BARRENS, Loch Modan, and other dear places. Pandaria presented us how a bare-handed plush toy can beat a pair of seasoned warriors – and a stunning look at the monastery with training monks. Draenor – here are 3 legendary dudes in a clash with each other (Guldan, Grommash and Mannoroth), Garrosh – hello, dude – and Epic Threat of a building Dark Portal.

There was nothing new in Legion trailer. We knew that both sides are heading to the invasion point (and we know how invasion point looks like from the previous video), we knew they will take aircraft and fleet there (Pandaria gave us two invasion-force examples throughout campaign – Jade Forest arrival and Krasarang), and we saw Varian kill the same old demons which we have slain in packs throughout expansions.

The trailer approved the big role of Varian and Sylvanas in Legion lore, showed them in action, but ended with a sort of daily-mob skirmish… It wasn’t played through to epic climax – show us the Legion, the Alliance/Horde armies, or make a fast camera fly through beyond the demon ranks and show us the masterminds, at least Guldan. That would have made a deal.


3 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2015: Trailers

  1. I enjoyed that they didn’t blab the final boss fight of the final raid tier in the trailer. In fact, I’d love to see them give hints each patch with the big reveal just prior to final tier release. Kind of a WoW dinner mystery theatre. Think of the discussions and debates that could be had.


    • As we see from Draenor, the planned archvillain of the expansion could be changed to good guy :)

      Still, we are supposed to finish Gul’dan in the second raid. I don’t insist on him in trailer, but epic armies in the battlefield after Varian and 1 random demon would have been a good ending.


  2. I’d love to see Gul’dan finished off in the first raid. Then, we’d have to uncover who was pulling his strings over multiple patches.

    My hope this coming xpack is that we would have more time between raids. Highmaul was effectively abandoned after Blackrock was released. I’d love to see guilds progressing full clears of raids again.


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