A Piece of Guildchat About Legion

While I’m collecting my thoughts to write a big post about Legion and Blizzcon in general, I want to share a piece of guildchat. We were discussing Legion’s upgrades, and it was hilarious. So, your Monday morning’s piece of good mood starts here:

– …and they also said: you will feel Fishing like an adventure, you won’t stare at another screen while fishing.

– Oh my! Will they finally allow fishing nets and dynamite?

– I hope so… What we really need dynamite for is Archaeology.

– Yeah, call it Goblin Archaeology or whatever, but you need to blast a bomb once at the excavation site and then just go and collect the artifact pieces.

– Even better, you login with your morning coffee, you have only 10 minutes in the whole day to play the game, so you just launch a bomb and then fly your 10 minutes in the world, collecting piles of resources, archaeology pieces, half-dead pets ready for free catch and boss loot.

– Yeah, and if you couldn’t play Legion at all, then on the last day of Legion expansion you launch a bomb and get all the Legion achievements in one day. Because “our focus is to make every person feel up-to-date, even if he has few time to play”.

– Wait. And what about people who play throughout expansion?

– Why, but they grind, of course. Immersement!


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