Blizzcon 2015

I’m ashamed but I must have courage to admit that I behaved exactly like whining forum guys. You know, the ones who are posting AWFUL THREATS that if Blizzard nerfs their favourite spell, they leave WoW and never come back. Of course they never leave.

So, Blizzcon. My frustration with Blizzcon 2014 – you could read it here – was so big that I vowed to never ever buy a virtual ticket again. It lasted for a year and I still have some battle rage when I remember my feelings. Today I did buy a ticket though :)

The reason is not the nice content they offer (trailers, ahem) – interviews and other videos will be in the net within an hour after broadcast. And not the pet or any other gifts. It’s the feeling of hype I’m buying, the feeling of community who are there at Anaheim or having a small holiday at their homes in front of their screens.

I’ll be there then tomorrow. Sitting for Legion, the movie, Overwatch and Starcraft: LotV panels. Hyped :)


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