Halloween Album For You!

As you know, it’s a game blog, and I’m writing only WoW posts, very rarely mentioning anything else. But certain important events in my life are worth posting here.

So, I’ve been busy with my band for 11 years by now. It’s not my job that I’m doing for living, a hobby, but a very serious one. I’m playing keyboards, composing lion’s share of music and writing all the lyrics.

My interest to fantasy worlds which led me into playing Warcraft games and finally World of Warcraft must have been reflected in my band’s concept, and truly so, it does. We sing about wild forest magical creatures which lay waste upon human towns and cities. But, rather than exploiting any epic/mythical fantasy setting, we’re tended to halloweenish, witchy themes – like dark, scary fairy-tales where villains always win :)

And so, today we have finally released our 4th full-length album –


We put all the songs at our Bandcamp where stream listening is free – here’s your link: http://svartby.bandcamp.com/album/swamp-my-neighbour-2015

Hope you enjoy it – and Happy Halloween!


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