First Steps in Tanking

I think I have found myself a new fun in WoW, and it’s TANKING.

I’ve never tanked properly. I was completely lost at starting tanking experience with paladin and warrior. Dungeon mobs just kept running everywhere, so I didn’t make it far after level 25-30 or so.

I guess it was Summer when I gave my druid, Night Elf Mayluna, an extra spec – Guardian (she’s Balance). So far I’ve occasionally tanked 2 bosses in Balance gear: Velhari and Gorefiend. Mind you, it was successful, I didn’t die, aggroed properly, bosses were killed in 1st try.


While grinding Halloween’s dungeon for a horse, I found myself tanking the Horseman in bear spec. Not only the dungeon queue is instant (compared to dps waiting time), I thought that I actually enjoyed this.

So yesterday I decided to give myself a proper tanking trial.

  1. I nailed Silver Proving Grounds – and it was on my first try! Although it’s still Balance gear, but I have tanking cape, 2 rings and 2 trinkets. Besides, Intellect changes to Agility when you change spec – for most things except weapon and neck. Still I think I’ve overgeared it maybe.
  2. I’ve tanked UBRS Heroic after that. I never was under 70-80% of health, and I didn’t even use defensive cooldowns much. I think it’s because we’ve overgeared it. Healer was definitely bored.

By the way, it was a PUG. So, you can keep moaning about pugs. Not a single death in a party, with a total newbie tank who goes to tank a dungeon at max level for the first time in his life. No silly situations. No orc/dragon/ogre whole rooms aggroed. We just cleared it up from the beginning to and through Warlord Zaela. Then everyone thanked everybody and we left.

My next goal will be trying to tank raids – from Highmaul to Hellfire Citadel. As I see my major problem now, it’s the encounters where you have to move much. But practice makes perfect :)


3 thoughts on “First Steps in Tanking

  1. Gratz!

    The PG Silver is a great achievement for a completely new tank. The dungeons you can over-gear but PG scales you down (to a max of 615ilvl I think)
    Try Gold for an extra challenge, it’s quite a step up from Silver… probably similar to going from LFR to Normal raids, or normal to heroic.

    Hope you keep enjoying it!


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