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Well I didn’t quit playing WoW until Legion, but this is not something to deserve frequent proper blog posting. Mostly I went into microblogging in my Twitter for now – and that’s quite enough to describe my activities. So if you’re not subscribed you may probably want to do it :)

Still, here’s a summary of my latest weeks.

  • I totally nailed Brewfest, acquiring all the huge amount of pets and toys. Many alts helped. I was not lucky with mounts though. I got a kodo (already had one) and not a single ram.
  • I’m digging Hallow’s End. Devoted two days for full 11-alt runs to get a horse. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to dig this throughout the whole holiday. Although a dungeon takes you 2 minutes, it can get annoying soon xD
  • Had 1 achievement left from previous Hallow’s Ends, and it’s 24 masks. Had 4 to go. Yesterday I’ve traveled through pumpkins at almost all continents and there’s only one mask left now, a human male one. As it’s only Vashjir and Deepholm left, the odds are so not in my favor *sigh*
  • Digging old reputations now, and also old dungeon achievements. It took me 6 days for Netherwing to make it Honored-> Exalted. Now it’s +6 dragons to my mount collection, +2 reputation achievements, got my piece of lore.
  • Finally finished Ashen Verdict – so no more Icecrown runs for a bit. Still have 2 achievements to do there, but it can wait.
  • Knights of Ebon Blade is my next goal. Sitting at 13/21, 2k per day. It’s my last Wrath reputation achievement, and when I do it I also get a meta one.
  • Got Sha’tari Skyguard, Shattered Sun Offensive and Ogres to finish BC reputation runs.
  • Few reps are left from Cata and Vanilla: Hydraxian Waterlords, Baradin’s Wardens and Avengers of Hyjal.
  • With Draenor, I’m closing some achievements for exploration (rare kills) and that would probably be it.

So, my agenda now is world holidays and reputation/achievement grind. What are yours?


5 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet

    • Thanks, I’ll check it out :) I know for sure that there’s a vendor for wands, gave him all my dungeon trash yesterday.
      Anyways it was fun to fly over the continents again :)


  1. This is encouraging, i need to do Netherwing reputation, i thought it’ll take forever so i did not do much for it, back to grinding :-)


    • Netherwing isn’t too bad. There’s the daily quests, but the big thing is the eggs. Download the TomTom (or any way pointer addon) and grab from wowhead the list of coordinates of known spawn points for the eggs. You wind up making a wierd jagged circular path around the netheriwng shelf. If you see more than 3 others farming eggs, don’t bother. Do the dailies and then see if they’ve left or not.


      • Didn’t farm any eggs, just got them as occasional loot. It’s a week of dailies.
        Did hell of farming for Scryers and Broken Draenei, won’t repeat the experience :)


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