End of Warlords

Last week I have officially finished my version of Warlords expansion. I got all the 11 epic rings and performed an Archimonde kill for each of my toons, completing the final Khadgar’s quest. And when you report to the mage about it, Khadgar says: go have a rest, dude. I hope you join me later – that is, in Legion. Well, that’s what I’m going to do.

Is there anything I need from Draenor? Yes, there’s a small to-do list.

  • First Aid and Cooking – maxed to 700 for all toons. It requires relatively small money and few minutes at Auction.
  • All the free gold I could carry out from Garrisons. It requires login with all toons at least once in 2 days, yes.
  • Archaeology for my main – I want to fill all the townhall room with relics :)
  • Small Exploration achievements – some Tanaan rares to be killed and 1 Tanaan treasure to be reached (it’s tight-rope walking inside a mob-filled cave, so it’s a tricky fucking arcade one).
  • Still won’t even go to Ashran or build a Gladiator’s Sanctum – I’m not into PvP.
  • Very few Garrison mission achievements left.

The expansion turned out to be very short. It’s the first time in my experience when I have finished the current expansion 6 months before the next one. Mind you, I had 10 toons in November, and I brought up a brand new DK since March who caught up with the others. All of them ran HM -> BRF -> HFC, collected gear and epic rings, and completed the quests. All of them maxed their professions, built garrisons and wharfs and upgraded all followers to 675. Even with 11 toons, it’s turned out to be at least 6 months before Legion.

Standby mode. Oh well.

What now?

Oh, I have a new progress carrot for me. For a week I’m happily grinding old raids and dungeons for meta achievements! Also I’ve decided to cover the lacking reputations from BC and Wrath. I used to think it’s a long, long grind – well, it’s not. I’m doing Ebon Blade and Netherwing now (4-5 days left for each of them), then I’m going for more.

Leisure time. No rush, no hurry. No Draenor.


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