Brewfest: The Gnome Party!

After a week of Brewfest and ignoring it, I suddenly remembered that there are many new toys to get and one more achievement to do. So for 4 days I put aside all the raid activities and grinded the brewfest tokens to get the lacking thingies.

Oh my, having this many alts did pay off! When you arrive at Brewfest with a new toon, you get 85 tokens in the first day. Obtaining 35 tokens (defence, dungeon and announcement ride) in 10 minutes even without ram-riding to and from Kharanos is also very, very possible. So I have easily got myself these items in 3-4 days:

  • a Brewfest dress needed for drunken dance achievement (already had hat and shoes)
  • a pony toy
  • a pandaren keg toy
  • a small keg toy
  • a goblin grill toy
  • a Brewfest banner toy
  • an alemental pet

Also a kodo dropped from boss, but I threw it away because I had one from previous years. There were no ram mounts yet, but I will try – there are few days available yet. So, everything I needed from Brewfest vendor was successfully purchased and all achievements done!

To celebrate, I organized my gnome alt party, and here’s how it went:

A careful place selection is crucial. We went to my most favourite Gnome place in all Azeroth: the hut of Ozzie Togglevolt near Kharanos!

It’s not crowded, it’s very close to the brewery of Kharanos, and it’s perfect for some private parties like this one!

Microfury brings LOTS of beer and ale. It’s not like it was enough!


Knock, knock, Togglevolt! Your doom has come!


Paitsu greets the host! He’s glad… really!


Micromantica sets up Goblin Grill… they had no Gnome Grills available


Bons was the merriest Gnome throughout the party!


She was!


Microfury had to go and bring some more!


Most welcome!


Then Bons had some more and saw some ale devils:


She went in search of a warm toilet… devils followed. 


Bye, Togglevolt! We will come again and clean the mess after ourselves! Someday! 


We’re most welcome!


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