And Here We Fly!


First thing in the morning I login with Gottenbar my Tauren Gladiator because he had 32 Tomes. And of course I kept in mind that we have FLIGHTS available now!

After I checked my Garrison tables and queued up for HFC to get the last Tome, I saddled my wyvern and jumped to the skies! Reaching War Mill from Townhall was 2 seconds, and that somehow surprised me very much :)

The flight achievement was earned by Micromantica, my main, so Gottenbar went to discover the blank spots of Draenor map and make stunning shots you can do only in the air:




Flying through Draenor zones made me think: I would have done even the Garrison dailies more eagerly if I had flight. That’s immersement for you.

Micromantica gathered like 15 treasures in Nagrand, and hell this was fun! It wasn’t fun when you had to try and use goblin gliders and run 15 minutes back to try again, thank you very much.

Micromantica managed to get to avatar of Velhari and become one step closer to this 4-mini boss achievement.

That was all for flights this morning. More to do – I think I will be doing Fishing and Archaeology this week.

Meanwhile, Gottenbar got his Tome from the first “boss” of HFC and immediately went for his Epic Ring! As I rightfully guessed, it’s a shaman ritual at the Throne of Elements.


It is the second Epic Ring that I got.

I will totally do all the Rings for all the toons and make them 11. Because 9 of my toons have a range of Fel Tomes between 11 and 31, making it totally possible. I won’t be running Archimonde much it seems. Only to do the final Khadgar’s quest. It grants you just 231 gold, but well let me be a perfectionist and kill him at least once per toon.

By the way, Archimonde was nerfed!

Patch 6.2.2. Conclusion:

It seems they didn’t add many content compared to previous patches. But this patch added flights and nerfed the last boss. Somehow this patch seems like the most important one for me. I’m excited and I want to play at Draenor like I never wanted in the last weeks or even months. Freedom come.

P.S. Bauers, my human pally, tanked 2 more dungeons yesterday’s evening. It seems I’m getting a grip on tanking! Most important thing: I get the pace of running a dungeon. Still got troubles with many mobs, but hey, now they just gave me 2 AoE abilities at level 20, so it may work now. I died just once because our healer was afk and stayed at the beginning of a dungeon. After healer was replaced, it went smooth and cool.


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