Legendary Quest Items And How To Collect Them

I’m gonna talk about Legendary progress and odds tonight.

From raid to raid, Warlords of Draenor has experimented with systems of collecting stuff for your legendary items. Approach was slightly different each time. The consumed time remains the same – for each step you need like 3 to 6 weeks.

Highmaul – 125 Stones, ranging from 1 to 6 per boss kill. You got at least one for each encounter. To get 5 runes at once, you got this melted stones item to crack – which was very fun, an extra option with a guaranteed prize. Like a Christmas present. So:

  • Quantity: above average (125 sounds pretty intimidating).
  • Drop rate: always
  • Chance for getting extra: yes, with an additional cadeau game.
  • Bonus Stones: yes, from Garrison Orders, Follower Missions and Extra Stones for alts if you completed at least 1 quest for one of your toons.

Blackrock Foundry – 900 Runes. It was scary. I wonder how many guys dropped this quest just because of seeing this number. When you started working on it, it became not that scary. Near 150 runes per run, which brings us back to 3-6 weeks.

  • Quantity: awful and scary
  • Drop rate: always
  • Chance for getting extra: yes, you could get 27 instead of 9 per kill.
  • Bonus Runes: yes, from Garrison Orders, Follower Missions and Extra Runes for alts if you completed at least 1 quest for one of your toons.

Hellfire Citadel – 33 Tomes. It seems like a relief. But it also means a lowered drop rate, otherwise you collect them too soon. If you had 15 items to collect, the drop would be even less.

  • Quantity: good.
  • Drop rate: 1-3 per 3 kills. You can’t do a wing without at least some progress.
  • Chance for getting extra: no chance.
  • Bonus Tomes: no, there are no options, including Shipyard Missions.

So, what do you think is the best drop system? I suppose that I would like the mix of them three.

  • 33 is a good quantity. Make it 25 or 50, but never over 100. It just scares people away, making them think they must grind it forever.
  • There must be a good drop rate. You should complete the quest in 3-4 weeks with no bonuses if you run all the quarters on CD.
  • The items must drop from most or all bosses. It will exclude whining and despair: NO ITEMS DROP EVER!
  • There must be a chance to get extra items. It adds to the excitement when a boss drops more items than usual.
  • There must be a chance to get them outside raids. Make it rare and few, but it adds up to your involvement. Say, if you have a small chance to loot an item from doing a daily, or buy it, or loot from someone. If you want to make it nice – choose your expansion’s feature (like Garrison or Shipyard or Halfhill Farm) and make these items drop from there. Say, you did 10 missions with class champions in Legion and got some loot from this achievement or quest.
Microfury’s boss kills

The latter system of Hellfire almost fits. I have the feeling of significant progress if I do all wings. Drop rate is good and the amount of needed items feels reasonable. Although I would prefer extra drops or possibilities to ease the quest a bit.
I’m working on Hellfire Tome quest for all 11 toons, the progress now ranges from 4 to 24. It seems more reasonable now to be focusing on 3 or 4 alts to see the progress ticking fast, and then drag the others. Of course can’t do all cooldowns for all toons in a week now, although I managed to do that at Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.

There’s a great discovery which I’m using only now, at the 3rd raid in WoD. Not to get tired of repeatable raids, do Epic Legendary Quest and collecting loot simultaneously! It helps with your involvement: t.ex., you didn’t get loot from a boss, but you got some quest items. Also you won’t have to do EXTRA runs just for the quest items. It was my biggest mistake. I grinded Highmaul for gear, and when BRF was out, I had to return to Highmaul, overgeared, only to collect the Stones. Which meant 4 weeks of Highmaul MORE. Now I’m good, collecting LFR Hellfire sets and doing my Epic Ring quests there for all the toons :) I learn upon my mistakes.

For Microfury, who’s the leader now, it required 31 boss kills for 24 Tomes. It means that 70% kills in Hellfire Citadel are fruitful. Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul are easy to get now through good drop rates and assistance from Garrison and Shipyard missions. So don’t be shy: you can pick up your epic ring quest even now and get your ring faster than Blizzcon 2015.

The overall drop system gets better, but it needs to combine all the best features.


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