Tanaan Tiredness and Space Rabbits of Wildstar Online

It’s not that I’m quitting WoW now. Neither I will in the future until the whole story will end, until the very last expansion. But Draenor issues got me at last.

it’s some progress I want and have to do in Draenor ruins.

  • I will finish all the Epic Rings – I have 3/11 naval maps completed (20-24 treasure missions done for the rest), I’m between 4-17 Hellfire Tomes among my toons.
  • I want to see all the last raid and dress up all my toons there (in LFR). Archimonde is coming at Aug 24.
  • I may want to try tanking with Mayluna, my druid, who is currently Balance – and I successfully performed it once at Gorefiend with no specific gear.
  • I want to excel the reputations and do fishing and archaeology achievements for Micromantica, my main. Maybe it will also result in extra pets and mounts, but I’m not really into it.

And yet, there’s no hurry at all. While at Highmaul and Foundry steps I was so tense to catch up to the current content, now I’m not bothering to do all cooldowns for my toons. The point is: World of Warcraft comes into a lazy mode. After I finish my rings, I even don’t have to do any dailies for Oil. It’s a Hellfire Chest quest once in two weeks, that is all. And as we have at least 6-8 months before next expansion, there’s plenty of time to dress up in Hellfire without your heels and fingers burning.

That leaves me with trying something new.


As you all know, Bashiok the Communiy Manager left Blizzard a few days ago. When I was reading this news in some blog, there was a collage of his new job’s games – the NCSOFT. There was a rabbit – with a gun – which caught my attention at once.

That’s how I came across Wildstar Online.

As I was researching, I grew more and more fond of the franchise. And here’s what caught my attention:


  • It has this candyland looks. As WoW is a bit cartoonish, Wildstar hypes this up to eleven. Dudes who like some serious business with “50 shades of grey” and call it “real” – walk through :) I personally like this bright colors.
  • It’s the greatest mix of fantasy and sci-fi. Yes, you fight evil plants, monsters, animals – very diverse, imaginative and not unlike WoW. It’s an alien planet with a totally classic fantasy vibe. And yet, there are machines, cannons, teleports, heck, even a robot race – all the hi tech, and your tutorial is done at the spaceship! It’s like Firefly meets WoW: you have magic, and you have this perfect cowboy space adventure feeling.
  • Chua
    CHUA – Aren’t they BADASS?

    There are several GUN classes. And they’re not some classic “hunters” or “stalkers”! You can be the coolest Engineer with a BIG cannon or you can be this Spellslinger – it’s a fighter with double pistols. I played the lattest, and hell, it’s cool! You never stand in place, the fights are very dynamic. Is there any other MMO which gives you gun kata? Of course, you can be a guy with a big sword or a spellcaster or others, no problem.

  • There’s an interesting system of fighting. In other MMOs, you select a target and then press whatever you want, your spells and hits reach it whatever happens. An experienced WoW raider can never forget the Hunter’s Barrage, which aggroes all screen in 180o. In Wildstar, you don’t need to select your target, you have to AIM – turn exactly at the enemy’s direction. If you turn a bit to the side, your bullets go to horizon, not the enemy. Sounds difficult, but it’s actually very simple and fun, giving you an impression of some real – real action.
  • You have some nice race choice. There are 2 factions – Exiles, which are rebels, and Dominion, which are a mix of Nazis and most pompous British specimens.
    Exiles give you space cowboy humans (Exiled Humans), catlike elves (Aurin – nature lovers, yes), some stone Groots (Granok – friendly drinking giants) and some alchemist zombies (Mordesh) to choose from. Dominion has these pompous humans (Cassian), mad rabbits (Chua), drake people (Draken) and robots (Mechari). And they have the EMPEROR! As you can see, the races both resemble classic races, and yet they bring something new. Of course I’m playing the cutest: Chua race for Dominion and Aurin race for Exiles. But in both factions there are also these evil, infernal dudes, so anyone could choose some race to his/her liking.
  • Humor. Yes, they don’t avoid that.


Aurin – Local Elves


  • I totally love the fights – like I said before. You never stand in place or wait for abilities to reboot. There’s always some action you perform, and it’s very dynamic. Move and shoot! When you make a hit or shooting, there’s a colored void zone which helps you to correct your aim. Mobs also have their void zones, so you can and will move to get out of their attacks.
  • Excellent customization at character selection screen. FOUR parameters to alter your nose in different directions, that’s something. I’m silent about skin colors, ears, eyebrows etc. AND BODY!!! If your elf seems thin to you, you can add some weight to her hips, or chest, or both! So from each character you can make either a chubby ball or something you can hide behind a stick. A wrestler with broad chest, massive arms and thin hips? You bet.
  • Tutorial is smooth, although you need to get used to how questing dialogues work and all the interface stuff. Once you do, it becomes very convenient. You can give in most quests through communicator, right in the field, and get your reward at once. Also, if lost, you click at a quest in the side bar and immediately get an arrow which shows you where to go and how many meters left.
  • Can’t say anything about crafting or your OWN HOUSE, because I didn’t get there yet.
  • Epic and great storyline, which leads you like a wind. It’s like a movie.
  • You can dismiss ALL pop up windows with a click, and there are many, explaining you what is going on.
  • They say that there are VERY hard raids and dungeons, which is hardcore that many are missing now. Didn’t get there yet.

DRAWBACKS – Yes, there are some

  • Didn’t figure out some audio crackling problem, and also small video delays. It maybe my web connection, but Blizzard made WoW run smooth whatever your connection is (hail Blizzard). Need to google that.
  • When NPCs talk, the interface is not very friendly: it’s small sci fi speech bubbles which are pretty hard to read. The language is also a test for my English skills, but that maybe more of a “+”.


I totally like the gameplay, the style, the art/graphics and the story. We shall see if I can fix these technical problems which spoil my gaming, but Wildstar Online looks like an amazing universe where I can wait for the next WoW expansion :) Worth a try.

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