Trivia: Shipyard, Tanaan, Hellfire


  • First Epic Naval questline complete! It’s just a give-in quest, I’m a bit dissapointed.
  • For the last – 5th – mission, I didn’t plan anything, just upgraded all the right ships with all equipment, 92%. No unsinkable plates, no careful choosing to face experienced captains. Yes, you need a carrier which means 25 treasure missions.
  • Although the other epic naval missions can and must be faced with 100% chance. It’s easy though.
  • With epic missions done, Micromantica doesn’t see any point in collecting Oil and sending any ships for any missions. I don’t care for any loot except the one chest from Hellfire. Once in 2 weeks – I can manage that. For now, her Shipyard crews and dock workers are left to themselves and Draenei brothels and taverns at Shadowmoon.
  • Other 10 alts are on 11 to 22 treasure missions step and 1 to 4 epic missions done. I’m not sending them to 5th missions without a carrier.


  • I may want to complete all reputations to Exalted at least for my main.
  • You can complete Oil dailies for 3 alts in half an hour.
  • It’s disturbing that we still have no flights. We will get them when we won’t need them – at all. Dailies done, reputations Exalted, and all that.
  • I need some flights to finish my Archaeology achievements and Fishing achievements. That is all.
  • Almost did all the quests on Tanaan Campaign for all alts – wil finish them with this cooldown,
  • In fact, there’s little that Draenor can offer now and it will be even less in a while when my shipyard stuff is done. Maybe some achievements that I didn’t do yet…


  • Raids are awesome.
  • Decent loot drops, decent Tome drops.
  • Today comes “Protoss” wing. Come on, Draenei are Protoss. Wi-Fi tentacles, space goat appearance, and now we also have these constructs which DON’T (lol) resemble Protoss Dragoons, with souls of fallen warriors within. Excited to see Socrethar construct, and Miss Tyrant Velhari is already my best villain.
  • By the time I’d finish Epic Ring, I’ll be geared in all the gear possible. Which will make my DPSing useless. Maybe it’s time to try a new role then? Tanking looks nice to me. 650 Tanaan gear, one-two-three, go. It maybe one of the things I’m gonna get busy till the next xpac.
  • So far, I see heavy black clouds of BORE gathering on my horizons, and I’m not happy with that.

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