Daily Ditch

All in all, I haven’t got tired of Tanaan yet as long as there’s some progress ticking. But replayability is of course disasterous in the long perspective of 9 (at least) months before the new addon.

Let’s see. Blizzard has released Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft II is at beta stage (i.e.: done), Overwatch is finished (is it?), they did new models for all WoW toons and they won’t do more Garrisons in the future. Maybe now they have some spare resources to create a new stunning addon? Like the size of Pandaria or Northrend?

Frankly, looking back Draenor feels like a small spin-off while they got their hands full with other games. We do need new content, and you have a devoted fanbase. But it’s dangerous situation to set this fanbase into a sandbox to play for a while.

You can wait in the sandbox when there’s something gorgeous expecting you in future. We need this new cool big addon, and we need it fast cause Tanaan is obviously not enough even until Spring, save Autumn 2016.


Third after-patch week started, I’m sharing my routines.

Timeless Tanaan

Very shortly Tanaan became this Draenor version of Timeless Isle. The relaxing thing is that you are free to go anywhere, that gives you much flexibility. The dissappointing thing is that freedom doesn’t lead you anywhere.

I like the campaign because it gives us some new piece of Lore, and an interesting one. I hate that this said campaign is merely 6 quests with little connection to the new zone. Only Bleeding Hollow and Arakkoa areas were lucky to get some background. Other zones – they didn’t even bother to provide anything except daily briefing. As a lore dude, i’m dissappointed.

Long story short, you get yourself like 8 grinding areas for at least 9 months, and guess how fast you’ll get bored of them? Of course, waiting for raids is better outside Garrison than inside it…


They tick nice. Micromantica is very diligent not to miss a day of her dailies, and here’s what we got:

  • You get good rep amount for you Alliance faction every day – I need only 2-3 days more for Revered.
  • You get rare but big 3500 boost every week for Saber-what’sits guys (I don’t grind anything of course), and occasional dailies too.
  • You are desperate with Arakkoa, cause fel apexis thingies fall from rares only – it’s a pain if done on purpose. But I still manage to scrap few quests a week.

For the rest of 10 toons, it’s only one day of dailies per week – before their raid cooldown. It’s shame of course, but there’s no way I’m grinding them all. They get to revered with main faction to get a carrier blueprint, and be done with it.

Major points on reputations:

  • Little Oil for the ships if you don’t do at least 1 daily – daily. So probably I may boost doing at least 1 daily for all toons at least each couple of days to catch up
  • No reason to grind all reps except my main.

New Raid

As in all of Draenor, everything they do with raids is awesome. I totally like the first 3 encounters available yet. I wish there was little trash as we push forward, I’m so tired of endless mobs in BRF. I will write a raid review as long as I see all the wings.

I ran the first wing with all my toons and bosses always drop 1 to 2 Epic Ring tomes per wing. It feels like a solid drop, and I think my first Epic Ring is coming in September?


Has yet something to offer. I need to see all the ships, and do some epic ring quests too. There’s some progress in it, so I feel like I could play in this sandbox for a while. But of course when progress become a routine – I’m quitting Garrison number two :)

Things To Do Before Next Xpac

  • I haven’t killed any world bosses.
  • I haven’t finished Draenic Archaeology.
  • I haven’t upgraded all followers and ships to their best.

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