Day and Night Before Patch 6.2.

So, Patch 6.2. is coming tomorrow, and let us see if I come prepared for it.



First and foremost it’s my Epic Ring chain that got me busy. Today I have closed the weekly Blackrock cooldown, and here’s what we have with our 900 Runes:


Microfury 885
Backston 803
Mayluna 759
Chitsuro 728


Ilmari 672
Schlitzchen 669
Zindari 708
Micromantica, Gottenbar, Melaris and Salash are already happy and done, settled in Garrison. So these four are able to go to Hellfire… not until next week, when LFR opens. Meanwhile they will explore Tanaan.

Next week most Alliance toons will also get their 715 rings and be ready for Hellfire when it comes, and a week after the rest guys will get their prize too. So, as long as I would prefer to get them all ready by tomorrow, it won’t happen. But! it’s the first time when all my toons almost nailed to do the relevant content and be ready for the next step.

To the end of Patch and relevant raid, sometimes there’s fun time for fun! Behold our spontaneous demonized run throughout the 3rd wing :)





I’ve accomplished Securing Draenor achievement with Micromantica, completing all daily missions. The guy at your townhouse sells all the contracts, so you can hit them all one by one in a couple of hours or so. Thus, I’m ready for flights – or more so, grinding 3 new reputations. The rest is done: of course I did the Loremaster and of course I did the Explorer months ago.


It’s damn pity that I haven’t grinded a single reputation yet. And although I have fished out 4 types of 100-fish, there’s few to go. I need this meta achievement and Nat pagle to forget about Garrison. After Patch 6.2. comes, I’m probably be all the way into Tanaan, so I better do this now. Moreover, a single Exalted lets you build Tavern Lv.3, so it will make grinding for flights easier.

Behold: Trawler “Micromantica”


Luckily, with raid cooldowns, I have this spare evening today for happy grinding and fishing and archaeology. It’s a peaceful rest from raids, so, at last I have it. Fishing it is.

Maybe I will meet one more Hypnotoad?…



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