Something’s In The Air… Players?

TwilightThis picture in fact is very sufficient and I may not continue the post. But I will, so you get yourselves a bit of reading.

  • There will be flights on Draenor! Huge news that shows Blizzard listens to logic and its fan base.
  • There will be achievements for flights in Draenor! Huge news as it should have been from the very start when flying was introduced. Make some effort to explore, then relax. Not the enormous gold piles like we had before.
  • Achievements? Yes, they’re very reasonable. Exploration and questing. And some rep grinding which I hope will go smooth with dailies (I hope for dailies, not usual Draenor grind!!). Reputation seems like extra thing.
  • Account-wide achievement? Yes, and it couldn’t be other way if you put reputations in it.
  • What do I have? Explorer – check. Loremaster – check. 100 Treasures – check. Dailies – only 4 for Micromantica, should do them. Reputations – not check of course.

Seems a most comforting solution to please players and developers. It’s good they put reps in Draenor, but I hope won’t be that in next xpacs. Only quests and exploration.

I’m peaceful and happy.


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