Waiting for Patch… Or Not?

Before work, today’s morning opened for me with 3-wing run in Foundry and after Oregorger in 4th wing I ditched my raid. Cause Gottenbar became the second one to get his 715 Epic Ring. Oh well, it’s 2/11 of my alts now. Will be 3/11 in the evening, cause Melaris the Draenei Death Knight is ridiculous 125 runes away from the goal.

When I was at work I checked the news and saw many forecasts that Patch 6.2 will be on air at June 23-24. It’s not certain, just people compared when PvP seasons ended and when patch arrived.

This means that I’m not getting all my alts cool and nice for Hellfire Citadel with their brand new rings, but they will try their best. After all, even when BRF was out, Highmaul was good and overcrowded to run, so I don’t think I won’t be able to find groups at BRF when Hellfire will be online. That means: no rush. We do our best and hope for the best.

Meanwhile all toons are ready for Hellfire with the required ilvl of 650 – we range from 653 to 659.

So, be it June 16, 23 or 30 – I’m good and ready. I’m eager to build wharfs, see Tanaan and run Hellfire Citadel. I’m eager to be busy raiding BRF with alts for 3 weeks for the rings. Say what? Hellfire will be allowed only to those who earned their rings, so mwahaha! Actually it’s a good point cause I lost many raids in vain, first gearing up in Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry, and then re-running them for rings’ Runes and Stones. This time I make it smart. No one with the ring below 715 enters Hellfire Citadel to earn both gear and whatever “Hellfire Poops” Khadgar needs next time.

– But moooom?!..

– Shut it.

Of all the new raid, I want to meet and fight this guy:


Just feeling affection for big fat monstrous blobs ^_^ Like Teron’gor lore story, but he was shite at Black Temple. This time he’s good both in Auchindoun and Hellfire Citadel.

Mood: Positive. Anticipation. 


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