Epic Marathon

My WoW experience recently has become a severe grinding routine. Reason is: alts.


I’m deep in the middle of my epic ring quest for alts now. In fact, I would have been expressing hypocritical issues if I told that I have nothing to do.

As we don’t know when Tanaan and Hellfire will come to life, I’m mad about trying to fulfill cooldowns for Blackrock LFRs for 10 of my alts and come prepared for the next Ring/Raid stage. I don’t focus on loot, cause it drops here and then. In fact, most of my 10 alts already have at least 4-piece bonus sets which grant you upgrades. Also I don’t know what will be the requirements for Hellfire LFRs, but if it’s 650-655, then I’m good and done.

The runes keep dropping, so that’s my main progress focus that I keep tracking. I even made this small Wordpad file where I put down the numbers xD It’s convenient among 10 alts, as you see who falls behind and who is heading to the top, so you pick the one who needs to go raid sooner.

As of now, my alts’ rune collections are between 135 and 575 of required 900. That leads us to at least 4-5 weeks of my path to the glory. And only THEN I will have “nothing to do” ;)

The thing is: when I login with a toon, I instantly queue up for all BRF raids. There are few things at Garrison that need 5-10 minutes, and when I’m done, I don’t go anywhere. If I’m lucky, I get into a raid even before reaching Salvage Yard, and then it’s a raiding snowball for 2 hours. Then I just logout and login with the next toon. Pretty intense. And I don’t even manage to fulfill all cooldown for all toons in one week.

But let’s face it: if it were for my main only, it would have been 2 hours of raiding in a week, and I would have nothing to do anything else.

Conclusion: with 10 alts it’s intense now. Currently I’m really good cause I have raids to do. With 1 main – Draenor is a content disaster and absense of flights don’t add up to leave Garrison and explore the world.

Fix that.


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