Undead Decomposed: Enter Tauren

For all this time I wasn’t happy with animations of my Undead warrior – Rottenshield. A warrior, obviously wearing plate armor and heavy swords. She spends 50% of batlle doing FLIP JUMPS. I was always like: how?

When I learnt of an option making her Gladiator – thus wearing shield – I thought it would settle her a bit. Nah, didn’t work. While shield slams are performed on ground, the other hits are still flip-flops.

– Tight-rope walkers and acrobats
Mangojerry and Rumpleteaser, “The Cats”

With the next cleansing of Highmaul after vacation I came to the idea that I still hate this vibe. In 1 day I made this decision to put my dear Undead Rottenshield to rest in peace. The replacement was chosen at once – my Horde party was joined by hulk Tauren Warrior.

So I ordered the race change in the yesterday’s morning. By the way, the service includes complete appearance rebuild and name change – it’s in fact the new character creation screen. I’m glad I hadn’t pay for gender and name separately.

And I spent 8 hours at work inventing a new name for the character. That’s how serious I am! I serfed Google maps of Latin America and Canada for inspiration (Tauren feel good with Mexican or Native American names), websites and name generators. Eventually I came home, looked into the eyes of my new Tauren and saw it didn’t fit.  Rolling few German phonemes this and that way, it became:



I did a test drive for him at Highmaul for few stones left, and the vibe is perfect. The bulky bulldozer fits right in with these shield blows and sword strikes.

Now, do they make plate armor of druidic attunement?.. I found this shield with leaves and will give him an axe or a hammer, but the rest seems hard to find.

P.S. As Rottenshield was Enchanter and Tailor – now I wonder: how my Tauren will cope with thimbles, threads and needles? Ah, whatevs.


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