WoW Vacationed and Patch 6.2 Thoughts


Yes, when you have first 4 days off at National Holiday 1 and then shortly 3 days off at National Holiday 2 – you can’t help planning your vacation in between so that you get 11 work-free days in a row.

This trip of mine included 5 countries of Northern Europe – Denmark being the only one I haven’t seen yet. And I didn’t take my laptop with me, which meant I had a WoW vacation as well.


Vacation helps much giving you a break as you’re grinding one and the same content with 10 toons. Having finished her Chapter 3, my main, Gnome Ice Mage Micromantica, was put into standby mode. The other 10 are obliged to feverishly grind Highmaul and then – Blackrock Foundry for Abrogator Stones and Runes followed.

Well, each step takes you 4-5 weeks only. Almost all ten are over 100/125 of the Stones step – and with tomorrow’s cooldown I will be able to fight Garona and move my chess pieces into Blackrock Foundry. I’m surprised that waiting for Highmaul LFR takes me only 15-40 minutes, even if though most people must have moved forward and are whining there’s nothing to do in Draenor. Are they doing Stones and alts as well?

It’s really cool how this scheme of mine works. When you go for Stones or Runes – you get a reward for every single boss, so you don’t even CARE about loot (the drop is still the worst). I’ve upgraded some slots, like Rottenshield’s Axe became 620 -> 640, but I didn’t even notice this. The same will be work for BRF. Hunting for Runes, you won’t even notice how your gear becomes upgraded top-notch and even with those tier bonuses.

Finishing the Job!

There are few things in Draenor except going epic ring path that I feel probably need to be done.

Stables: these quests are really fun. Mayluna does these dailies, they are nice, easy and give this progress feeling.

Reputations: haven’t grinded a single one of them. Need to – which leads us to Patch 6.2. when they have this rep-boost events.

Archaeology: Micromantica goes for digging safari now and then. Surprisingly it’s very fast even without flying in Draenor.

Daily questing achievements: you know, kill 100 trees and fish out 20 orcs. I feel that they won’t need any very special effort, so they’re possible. Already having some, but more to go.

Obtain all Toys from Dungeons: need to be done once not to return back.

Patching 6.2.!

Probably it’s coming in June (I would prefer LATE June).

Long story short: I’m happy with the new content coming. Lore continues. I’m not happy that much of it if not all will be given in a way of Garrison dailies in Tanaan. That’s a way to fel pit, dear Blizzard.

The perfect combination of giving away new content was Dread Wastes in Pandaria. Remember? You had this Klaxxi Paragons storyline, but you couldn’t do them in one day. You should have gotten reputation first: Free more Paragons – do more dailies – get some reputation – get access to the new Paragons and new story. This was amazing how you got back for new dailies and at the same time you got new lore.


Giving away this naval idea in Draenor is imho bad. I would of course prefer this laid off to Eye of Azshara or whichever next content gone to seas of Azeroth. This would have been logical, themed and considering all Garrison mistakes. I like this “missions” thing, but I would prefer having a fleet of 5 pieces at max, not milions of followers. For example, 1 Juggernaught/Battleship, 3 smaller Fighter ships and one oil Tanker for resources. Then you really care about them, and don’t waste so much time for “missions” thing instead of actual playing. WoW is MMORPG, not some browser mini-game.

That’s all for Patch 6.2. that I have to say now.

Altoholism Has NO Cure. 

Eldrigar the Orc Fire Mage, Mentaho the Tauren Feral Druid and Morgenston the Dwarf Shadow Priest is what I’ve started yesterday at another realm. The guys explore these specs that I haven’t played before and slowly enjoying older questlines. They are meant to give me some rest from raid grinding and peacefully enjoy this leveling, upgrading and discovering thing that I lack so much now.


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